Academy of Labour and Social Relations

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    3 Velyka Okruzhna Doroga., c. Kyiv, 03187, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 522-49-40, 526-45-78
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The basic educational services, provided by the Academy:
1. Training for qualification degrees of: Bachelor (4 years) and Specialist (5 years) with full-time education, education by correspondence and external education at the faculties of:
Economic - specialties:
- Finances, specialization - Financial Management;
- Marketing, specializations - Trade and Foreign Economic Activity; Electronic Commerce.
- Banking, specialization - Financial Management.
- Enterprise Economy
- Management of organizations
Faculty of Law specialties:
- Jurisprudence - specializations:
- Public Law. Financial Law;
- Economic Law. Labour Law.
- Court. Prosecution. The Bar.
Social Management specialty:
- Social Work (manager of social and labour sphere), specialization - Social Management.
2. Re-training (second higher education) - education by correspondence and external education (1.5-2 years) at two faculties: Economic and Social management according to the specialties denoted in paragraph 1.
3. Extra education for people graduating from colleges, vocational schools, institutes, academies etc. with full-time education, education by correspondence and external education.
Entrance examinations for full-time education:
- Economic Faculty: the Ukrainian language (dictation), mathematics or economic and social geography (orally) for enrollee choice - profile subject;
- Faculty of Law: the Ukrainian language (dictation), jurisprudence (Institutes of State and Law) (orally) - profile subject;
- Faculty of Social Management: the Ukrainian language (dictation), History (orally) - profile subject.