European University of Finances, Information Systems, Management and Business

  • Address:
    16-V Vernadskoho blvd, c. Kyiv, 03115, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 334-53-04, 450-64-90, 450-99-31, (050) 356-02-45
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Rector – OlenaTymoshenko

European University is one of the first non-governmental higher educational institutions in Ukraine

The University, organized in 1991, meets the requirements in highly qualified specialists.

The University is licensed and accredited with the IV (highest) level of accreditation of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education.

The study process is carried out according to the plans and programmes developed by the leading Ukrainian scientists from educational establishments and the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences with the consideration of similar Finnish, German, US and Canadian educational institutions.

Forms of education – full-time, learning by correspondence and distance learning with the use of case-technologies, electronic library, computer nets.

Fourteen specialized departments were created where nearly 100 doctors and candidates of science work.

- Finances
- Banking
- Accounting and Audit
- Economics of a Company and Legal Support for Private Initiative
- Marketing
- Company Management. Profiles:
Company Management
Political Management
- Management of Foreign-Economic Performance

- Information Managing Systems and Technologies;
- Intellectual Resolving Systems

- Company Management
- Security Management and Legal Support for Private Initiative

A special university sub-division created for I –V year students’ practical training and psychological adaptation on real market. It provides:
- I – V year students’ practical training on the basis of a university training firm;
- Complex business training based on “TRANSFORM” programme (Germany);
- practical training, probation, job placement of students;
- professional adaptation psychological training seminars for the university graduates

Education Period:
- full-time education – 5 years;
- distant learning and learning by correspondence – 5.5 years;
- retraining (higher education based) – 1.5 – 2 years depending on profession.

On graduating from the university, graduates receive a state acknowledged diploma (qualifications – bachelor’s degree, specialist, master’s degree) valid in all countries of the world according to the UNESCO convention.

The university has full-time and correspondence post-graduate study of the basic professions.

The University has up-to-date classrooms, complete material and technical support for teaching, methodical, and scientific-research activity, the latest information technological equipment. Students can use the library with a rich stock of scientific and methodical literature and INTERNET.

There is own publishing and printing base, cultural and educational centre, recreational centre.

Special attention is paid to the international cooperation. An essential part of the university is occupied by the International Educational-Preparatory Centre, which prepares foreign students for entering to Ukrainian higher educational establishments; the programme provides the Ukrainian (Russian) language course for businessmen and scientists.

Documents necessary for admission of foreign students:
- Application for admission
- Secondary education certificate with loose leaf
- AIDS checkup certificate
- Medical certificate
- Birth-certificate copy
- 8 photos (3x4)
- University invitation original
- Return ticket

Medical insurance information is available on

On completion of the preparatory department and successful passing of final exams, students receive certificates of Ministry of Education, which allow entering any higher educational institution of Ukraine.
Foreign citizens on entering sign a contract with the university according to the tariffs adopted by the Government of Ukraine.
Preparatory department and post-graduate study starts on the 1-st of October.
Students are provided with hospices.

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