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Kyiv Institute of Investment Management

  • Address:
    38 b Bereznyakivska str., c. Kyiv, 02098, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 206-07-20
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Rector - Yaroslav D. Holovko, Associate Member of European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS)

Guided by the best traditions of national school and achievements of European culture, KIIM seeks to combine naturally the national system of education with international professional standards. The institute is engaged in multi-level training of specialists of financial-investment sphere. Our programs range from higher education programs for school-leavers to comprehensive business-education programs for professionals already working in the market-driven conditions.

KIIM is a higher educational establishment
- diploma of the state standard;
- diploma of International Personnel Academy , accredited by European network of National Informational Agencies of European Council/ UNESCO;
- students dormitory with temporary Kyiv residence permit;
- deferral of military service for the study period for males (only for residents of Ukraine);
- correspondence of the curriculum to the needs of national market;
- full-time, correspondence and distance learning.

Only at KIIM you can get;
- higher educational and simultaneous opportunity to take exams for prestigious qualifications of international financial markets;
- the students become members of the Center of Professional Standards Development and take part in its activities;
- the opportunity to become a member of Ukrainian Association of Financial Analysts, joining the powerful international system of financial analysts societies;
- participation in the conferences and exhibitions conducted by Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts;
- traineeship in the leading companies and establishments of financial-investment sphere of Ukraine.

- computer center with Internet access;
- our own periodical Nasha sprava (Our Business) with methodical materials and recommendations;
- reservation of places in the Institute during one year

Company Management
elite program Investment Management
# 7.050201 License # 119991
# 6.050100 License # 110076
# 6.050100 License # 110077

- preparatory department
- Secretary-Advisor study program in the specialized classes of secondary schools of Kyiv

Distance Learning
Investment Management
Financial Management
Non-related Classes

The students have the access to the Web-server where they can find lecture materials and tasks. Via e-mail the students can get advise from the teachers, send completed tasks and communicate with each other.
The course materials are divided into 5 modules. After each module there is exams session in KIIM (3-4 days, including a week-end)
KIIM celebrated its 5th anniversary having created Kyiv Business School.
The school offers knowledge and skills which would enable to take prompt correct and non-standard decisions, create perspectives for our clients market activities and broaden their opportunities.
Business-School Programs:
- International MBA (accredited by FIBAA, Germany);
- Investment Management;
- Financial Management;
- Quality Management.

Study-programs structure:
- business-oriented programs consist of 6-9 modules;
- training course for taking professional international exams (CEFA Certified European Financial Analyst; ICMQ International Capital Marketing Qualification of the Institute of Securities, Great Britain);
- training course which leads to receiving the diploma of state standard on specialty Company Management (#7.050201 license 3 119992)
- training course which leads to receiving the Master of Business Administration Diploma of the Institute of International Business Relations, Germany.

Our partners:
European Federation of Financial Analysts Society (EFFAS)
Association of Certified International Investment Analysts (ACIIA)
Association of Investment Management and Research (AIMR), the USA
Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education (CEUME)
European Association of International Education (EAIE), Holland
International Business Relations Institute (IBR), Germany
Stirling University, Scotland
Institute of Securities, Great Britain
British Council (Representative office in Ukraine
New Management Cooperation Program, Holland (NMCP)
British Enquiry Service Organization (BESO).

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