Pedagogical Academy, Social and Pedagogical Institute

  • Address:
    2-а, Bashkirska str., c. Kirovograd, 25006, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0522) 32-29-57, 35-13-21
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Rector - Volodymyr Vasylenko

Department of Psychology and Pedagogics
- primary education with profound psychology study (full-time and correspondence education)
- primary education with with profound English study (full-time education);

Department of Linguistics:
- English Language and Foreign Literature (full-time education);

Historical Department:
- History (full-time and correspondence education);
- History with profound English study (full-time education)

Specialities are accredited by the decision of State Accreditation Board (registered #25 dated February 2, 2000)
Certificate HI-III #125447, #125448, III level;
(registered #27 dated June 20, 2000)
Certificate HI-III #125585