Gostomel Glass Works, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    86 Lenina str., c. Hostomel, Irpin , Kyiv reg., 08290, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04597) 3-11-35, 3-21-01, 6-22-08
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Chairman of the Board - Andriy Girnyk

Short description of factory activity.
Gostomel glass factory is located near Kyiv–Kovel highway (25km from Kyiv).

Factory specializes in manufacturing of Vodka bottles, Bear bottles, Soft drinks bottles, Perfume bottles, Jars “twist-off”, Medicine and Polish Nail Remover glassware.
Perfume bottles' capacity ranges from 15 to 270ml; Medicine glassware capacity - from 10 to 280 ml and other bottles are of capacity from 50 to 750ml.
Glass: Amber & Flint.
IS Machines: High-speed IS Machines from EMHART (Sweden) and Maul Technology (USA): 8 – 6 sections, DG, 5" – 4 1/4", Electronic and Mechanical Timing.

Moulds are designed and produced at the Factory's Mould Workshop that significantly shorten the time of production process. At a customer's desire it is possible to order moulds from the best European suppliers.

Glassware is packed in plastic film on a standard pallet. Some production lines are equipped with palletizers. The products are shipped by trucks and railway carriages. The Factory has its own branch railway.

The Factory also manufactures and packs Nail Polish Remover liquid.

Gostomel Glass has set ISO 9001 Quality Program from 2000. Also the Factory works according to UkrSEPRO Certification System requirements, which is based on relevant tests results.

Production Quality Control methods used at the Factory provides glassware quality that satisfies customer’s demands. In particular, we use inspection machines to control Neck & Bottom Perpendicularity, Finish Internal Diameter, checks and cracks.

Owing to the high professionalism of upper management, strategic planning of production process, effectiveness of Gostomel Glass factory, annual increasing of sales, payment of wages in due courses was reached.
The members of the managing team are highly experienced in glass business. It helps them to maintain the competitive ability of the Company in the conditions of market economy.

Gostomel Glass factory is proud of its personnel. The stable production process is completely depends on employees, their influence to the end product. The management of the Company pays much attention to motivation and self – motivation of the people, there is a special training department, where employee could learn a new job or develop his professional skills.

The market is constantly changing, the customer's demands are changing also,
the seller's success depends on his quick ability to react for this changes.
Gostomel Glass factory attends to innovations. Annually our designers develop more then 20 kinds of different jobs. All of them were developed in accordance to the customers'will. Nowadays, the great amount of our customers would like to have their own bottle with special sizes and original shape, Gostomel Glass factory could provide them such possibility.

JSC Gostomel Glass Factory rewards
At the beginning of 2000 the Factory was rewarded with diploma of Open International Rating "Zolota Fortuna" in nomination "Stability at the Market".
Several kinds of bottles for Rosinka and Rogan companies won at Worldstar'98 in Japan ("Rosinka") and at Worldstar'98 in Argentina ('' Rogan'') and were honored with "World's Quality Star".

The bottle type 135G-B-500 for vodka "Pervak" of "Getman" trade mark won in the competition "Best package": packages for drinks and approved the title "Ukrainian Package Star – 2001"

Gostomel Glass Factory Production

Gostomel Glass Factory produces various kinds of Spirit bottles: standard 0.5L twist-off bottle, 2 kinds of Square 0.5L bottles, 2 kinds of Flasks 0.5L bottles, 2 kinds of Souvenir bottles 0.1L & 0.05L and 0.2L bottle (all twist-off).

The Factory manufactures exclusive bottles from 0.01L to 0.75L. The main reasons of exclusive bottles popularity are: trade mark prestige and a necessity to fight fakes.

Gostomel Glass Factory is also specializes on Bear bottles (0.33L & 0.5L Amber glass) and Soft Drinks Bottles (0.25L, 0.33L & 0.4L Flint glass).
Starting from 1998 the Factory manufactures Food Jars from 0.1L to 0.5L (twist-off).
Perfume bottles of various forms are manufactured of capacity from 1.015L to 0.27L and Medicine glassware from 0.01L to 0.28L.
Recently, in June 2001, the wine bottles from amber glass were designed with the capacity 0,7l and 0,75l.

Currently we are producing the exclusive bottles for such giants as: "Rosinka", "Rogan", "Orlan", "Getman", "Nemiroff," "Kosarskiy ", "Teba", Evanc", "Topaz", "Skilur", "Shustov", Lugansk spirit factory, Efec-Ukraine", "Chernomor" etc.
We also collaborate with the following perfume factories: Lviv PCF, "Kalina" company from Sverdlovsk (Russia) and JS "Super mash", Alye Parusa" (Mykolayiv), PKK "Roso".

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