Melitopil Compressor, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    210 Geroy Ukraina str., c. Melitopol, Zaporizhzhya reg., 72308, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0619) 42-02-08, 42-05-64
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- small-capacity compressors (0.17-2 m3/min; 6.3 kgf/cm2) (2VUO.25-0.17/7.3; 2VUO.25-0.3/7.3; 2VUO.35-0.5/7.3; 2VU0.6-1.0/7.3; 3VSh0.6-1.5/7.3, etc.).
Sphere of application: oil-and-gas production industries, motor vehicle servicing, repair of motor roads, agriculture and industrial enterprises, etc.
- general-purpose industrial modifications of compressors (0.002-5 m3/min; 6.3-200 kgf/cm2) (4VU1-5/9; 2VU1.5-2.5/26; VT1.5-0.3/150; KR-2; AKR-2; 2VT1-1.5/17; EK2-150, etc.).
Sphere of application: oil-and-gas production industries (at drilling sites), metallurgy, industrial enterprises, food industry, bread-baking, etc.
- marine-type compressors (0.002-5 m3/min; 8-200 kgf/cm2) (EK-16, MVT, EKP, EKPA, K2-150, EK2-150, EKR, EKS, etc.).
Sphere of application: sea and river vessels, oil-and-gas production industry, gas cylinder charging etc.
- gear compressors – air blowers (0.4-40 m3/min; pressure difference - 0.3-0.8 kgf/cm2) (2AF; 1A; VF ; 3AF)
Sphere of application: water treating facilities, oil-and-gas production industry, bread-baking, grain storage facilities, mills, etc.
- rotary gas blowers (2.5-24 m3/min; pressure difference - 0.3-0.8 kgf/cm2) (1P; E21)
Sphere of application: gas piping, nuclear power stations, oil-and-gas production industry, etc.
- vacuum pumps (20-1500 l/sec; residual pressure up to 0,5 Pa) (DVN; DVVU; 2AVD-20)
Sphere of application: metallurgy, oil-and-gas production industry, food industry, agriculture, etc.

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