Brotep-Eko, Close Stock Company

  • Address:
    88 Kirova str., c. Brovary, Kyiv reg., 07400, Ukraine
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    +38(04594) 5-43-89, 6-28-79
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President – Myikhailo S. Hryishuk
Technical Director – Andriy P. Nedilko

Profile activities:
1. Production of fan coolers, block coolers up to 1000m3/h;
2. Production of water traps;
3. Selling of small fan coolers, block coolers, accessories for coolers (water traps, sprinklers, fans, sprayers);
4. Restorative reconstruction of fan and tower coolers including delivery of accessories;
5. Design, assembling, servicing

Basic goods manufactured by the enterprise:
- small fan coolers;
- block coolers;
- water traps;
- sprinklers;
- sprayers;
- fans

Basic services offered by the enterprise:
- reconstruction of coolers;
- design;
- assembling works;
- modernization of industrial water recycling systems

- familiarization with equipment and accessories at works and at the test site in Brovary;
- recommendations on work optimization of water rotation cycle after its inspection by specialists of "BROTEP-EKO"

"BROTEP-EKO" is quite young (the date of foundation is 19.04.94) but developing fast and perspective enterprise. "BROTEP-EKO" possesses its own manufacturing sites, it has long lasting production rapport with profile companies from Western Europe. "BROTEP-EKO" realizes production, elaboration, design, reconstruction, assembling and regulation of low, medium and high productivity coolers as well accessories to them using effective technological elements.

Test- construction elaborations are realized permanently and the projects of the own design office are applied in cooperation with scientific institutions of CIS countries. The territorial closeness to Kyiv makes possible close cooperation with numerous design institutes and, as consequence, application of the advanced technologies and progressive materials that found the widest use in the European countries. It is worthy to separately tell about application of advanced informational technologies. First of all there are several based on principles of modeling physical processes computer programs for technical calculations. Moreover all the design works are realized basing on CAD (AUTOCAD 14) system that makes possible delivery of technical documentation to clients on magnetic discs but not on the paper. And, as consequence, it makes possible an effective insertion of current changes and modernization. The global informational network Internet is used actively. Due to this all the potential customers have possibility not only to get familiarized to products nomenclature, technical parameters and to other characteristics without leaving their working places but to have explanations they are interested in and to see chosen video clips. New products pass both laboratorial and natural tests, they have expert certificates – SRI (scientific research institute) VODGEO in Moscow, Vedeneyev SRI in Saint-Petersburg.
The production of "BROTEP-EKO" is involved in all the regions of Ukraine. Moreover the deliveries include Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Greece, Georgia.
Taking into account solidity of the current and prospective activity the enterprise has registered a trade mark (certificate UA 12436) embodying the principles of its work.
"BROTEP-EKO" is considered the winner in nomination "The Best Employer of the Year" at the annual competition between the enterprises of the Kyiv region (28.03.2001).
"BROTEP-EKO" is an active participant in numerous profile exhibitions and conferences not only as visitor but as an exponent too.

Deep experience in organization and reconstruction of reuse cycles of different enterprises (beginning from farming to heat power plants) and a big gamut of modern equipment and accessories make possible development of various technically grounded solutions for a separate unit. The choice of an acceptable option is made with the customer.
It is remarkable that the reconstruction of working coolers is almost the unique sensitive reserve for an effective and low cost solution for the problem of increasing production effectiveness and electric power intake.
Especially for different flow diagrams of heat power plants and nuclear power plants we have developed software allowing to realize operative calculation of work effectiveness of turbo blocks depending on basic parameters of steam and recycled water. As the result it is possible to value advisability of cooler reconstruction on the project stage already.
So, decreasing recycled water temperature for 1oC in turbo block of heat power plant with capacity 310 MWt leads to standard coal saving up to 1980 tons in average. Economical effect of decreasing fuel intake for such a heat power plant allows to get compensation of works within a period from 5 to 7 months.
The said above is proven not only with theoretic calculations and work experience of the enterprise but also with work experience of similar enterprises in Western Europe where analogous technologies and materials are applied more than 20 years already. Particularly during the last 5 years coolers are reconstructed almost at all the heat power plants in Czech Republic. At the same time the coolers reconstruction financing were realized at the expense of bank credit.

Among the latest developments of the enterprise block fan coolers BVG that don’t have analogs in CIS are to be marked separately:
- Capacity – up to 1000m3/h
- Applied both in construction of water reuse cycles and in exchange for typical coolers during the reconstruction of already existing ones.
- Assembled at the site of installation
- Replenished with efficient fans, special sprayers and highly effective sprinkles, water traps of polyvinylchloride.
- Allow to increase effectiveness of work and electric power intake with reduction of overall dimensions

"BROTEP-EKO" offers guarantee and technical service of assembled systems, delivery of necessary accessories and spare parts upon the first request of the customer. Delivery of coolers and accessories may be carried out with enterprise’s transport (including abroad as well). Meanwhile the freight dimensions are optimal to the disposable means of transport.

"BROTEP-EKO" has developed a scheme for investments assimilation. According to this scheme the means are assimilated by the Customer enterprises. At the same time the next stage begins except on total compensation of the previous one.

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