Dniprotourist, Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    30, Fuchika St., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49027, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(056) 377-43-08, 377-43-09
  • Web-site:
Field of operation:
- tours over Ukraine and abroad,
- excurtions, accomodations in own hotel and tourist camp,
- transportation services using own buses

Countries to which tours can be arranged: France, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Thailand, Australia

Dnipropetrovsk-located "Dniprotourist" enterprise under "Urkproftour" joint-stock company offers its services at "Samara" tourist camp and "Svitanok" tourist complex. "Svitanok" tourist complex for 450 persons is situated in Dnipropetrovsknear the Dniper river, central park and funicular which connects it with a sandy beach of the Komsomolsky island. Skilled personnel, cosy rooms with all conviences for 2-3 persons each, restaurant and night club, sauna with swimming pool, premises for snooker players and slot machines, interesting excurtions will provide a full-scale rest for the customers.
"Samara" tourist camp is located in the picturesque banks of the Samara river, an invironmentally clear area, 29 km off Dnipropetrovsk. There customers are accomodated in a 3-storeyed hotel-type building with 2 and 3-bed rooms and wooden cotteges for 3-4 persons, as well as a cottage with Jacuzzi-equipped luxury room. The clients have meals in a restaurant.
For complete satisfaction of the needs of the clients there is a beach, boat station, dance floor, sports and children playgrounds, parking lot, tennis court, sauna with swimming pool, Russian banya with Jacuzzi, shower-rooms, summer swimming pool, restaurant and bar.
"Samara" and "Svitanok" will accommodate individuals as well as family tourists. The period of rest and its program takes into account any desires of a client.
Transportation services are provided with Icarus buses by own "Tourist" transportation enterprise.

Addresses and Phones of Branches of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Enterprise "Dniprotourist":

'Svitanok" Hotel
320027, Dnipropetrovsk, vul. Fuchyka, 30
tel. (0562) 47-05-05, 46-00-37, 47-04-01

"Svitanok" Restaurant
320027, Dnipropetrovsk, vul. Fuchyka, 30
tel. (0562) 47-07-17, 47-06-33

"Tourist" Transportation Enterprise
320079, Dnipropetrovsk, vul. Vinokurova, 15
tel. (0562) 27-10-24

"Samara" Tourist Camp
320010, Novomoskovsk
tel/fax (05612) 2-61-84

Dnipropetrovsk Travel and Excursion Bureau
320027, Dnipropetrovsk, vul. Fuchyka, 30
tel. (0562) 47-15-60, 47-04-04, 47-06-06

Dniprodzerzhynsk Travel and Excursion Bureau
322603, Dniprodzerzhynsk, pr. Lenina, 84
tel. (05692) 3-15-27

Kryvoy Rih Travel and Excursion Bureau
324099, Kryvoy Rih, vul. Zhovtneva, 12
tel/fax (0564) 29-52-07

Pavlohrad Travel and Excursion Bureau
323000, Pavlohrad, vul. V.I.Lenina, 105
tel/fax (05672) 6-09-48

"Samarchuk" Novomoskovsk Travel Agency
320010, Novomoskovsk
tel. (05612) 2-72-60