Askaniya-Nova, Biosphere National Park names after F. Falz-Fein

  • Address:
    13, Frunze St., c. Askaniya-Nova, Chaplynka distr., Kherson reg., 75230, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(050) 494-23-38, (05538) 6-12-32, 6-13-11
Director of the National Park - Victor Gavrylenko

List of products and services: the park deals with selling wild ungulate animals (Gaial, Nilgau, Shetland Pony, Donkey, Saiga, Gnu, Przhevalsky Horses, Turkmen Koulan, Bison) and birds (Emu, Nandu, Ogar, Mallards, Decorative Hen, Grey Goose, White Goose, Pheasants, etc.), young plants (Linden, Nut-tree, Chestnut, Bunduck, Ash-tree, etc.), and ornamental flowers seeds.
Provides sightseeing tours from April,15 till November,10

-Zoo and Dendrological Park (2.5hr)
-Zoo (2.5hr)
-Dendrological Park (2.5hr)
-Dendrological Park and inclosures of wild animals by "Gazel" van
-cart excursions to inclosures of wild animals
-excusions into the virgin steppe along the ecological path for scientists and specialists
-methodical tours (consultations) on the technology of animal breeding
-projects development and organizing ostrih farms, mini Zoo, public gardens and parks

Invesment proposal: reconstruction of F. Falz-Fein's (the founder of "Askaniya-Nova") country estate, in order to make a visit-center.

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