Bila Tserkva Cannery, Public Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    63 P.Zaporozhtsya str., c. Bila Tserkva, Kyiv reg., 09107, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04563) 5-11-41, 5-12-24, 9-28-08
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Director - Anatoliy F. Kryat

Public Joint-Stock Company "Bila Tserkva Cannery" is one of the biggest enterprises of agricultural primary products processing in Kyiv region.
Producing capacity of the plant is 25 mln. jars per year. The enterprise occupies the area of 7.62 hectares.
Our marketing and planning systems, utilization of modern informational and technological innovations, direct contacts with local and foreign manufacturers, high level of responsibility, highly-qualified staff and flexible payment system enable us to satisfy the demands of our customers.

The enterprise was founded in 1858. The producing capacities allow to manufacture big consignments of our products.
The plant specializes in vegetable, fruit and meat processing. The products are manufactured under "KRYAT" Trade Mark.

The range of our products includes:
- canned green peas;
- pickled and canned cucumbers;
- tomato sauce "Krasnodarskyi";
- squash paste;
- pickled and canned tomatoes;
- canned squashes;
- vegetable canned salads "Bilotserkivskyi", "Lyubytelskyi", "Sumskyi", etc.;
- plum, cherry, sweet cherry, apple, peach compotes;
- black current, apricot, plum, persimmon jams;
- apple, tomato, pomegranate juices;
- borshch ingridients and vegetable relishes.

All our products meet the present market-driven standards, are ecologically-pure and have quality certificates.

Close cooperation with our partners helps us to increase timely the production volumes of those canned products which enjoy the particular demand of our customers.

The main principle of our work is as follows:
High quality of products at the least possible prices!

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