Dnepr Desna, Manufacturing Commercial Firm

  • Address:
    14-A B.Khmelnitskogo str., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49051, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0562) 35-08-44, 35-08-46
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General Director - Alexander Vryashnik

"Dnepr Desna" Manufacturing Commercial Firm was founded in March 1994. During operation in Ukrainian market the enterprise has mastered the following technologies:
1. Construction and Assembling operations of:
- gas-supply systems
- water-supply facilities
- heat-supply systems
- sewarage system
- ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

2. Design, erection and reconstruction of:
- stationary and roof boiler-rooms with the use of the latest technologies ensuring reasonable use of power resources.
3. Developments in the field of alternative power engineering:
- bio-energetic power plants;
- hydro-electrical units;
- solar-collector heaters;
- wind power generating units.

For 15 years of operating in the Ukrainian market we have erected and reconstructed over 140 boiler-houses, including those of dwelling buildings, private houses, shops, schools, cafes, banks and different state entities.

Our Company is duly licensed and issued all the necessary permissions to execute the above listed works.