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    28 Karyerna str., c. Polohy, Zaporizhzhya reg., 70605, Ukraine
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    +38(06165) 2-37-60, 2-28-51
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Company "Mineral" is the mining company involved in mining Pology deposit of kaolins and refractory clays.

Main sphere of business:
- extraction of secondary kaolins, refractory clays, bentonite clays, molding and construction sand;
- manufacture of ramming masses, fodder components and kaolin powders with their further supply to the clients.

Pology deposit being 5 km wide and located on the banks of the river Konka, stretched for 30 km from the village Konskiye Razdory in the east up to the village Novokarlovka. This deposit consists of ten plots with two being currently mined.

The difference between clay and kaolin is in the higher degree of kaolin particles dispersion of the first (in kaolin the particles of less than 5 microns predominate, while in clay - less than 2 microns), also in the lower content of quartz granules, in the higher plasticity and the ability to coagulate under higher temperature.

The useful depth of secondary kaolins in Pology deposit averages about 3-6 metres.

The kaolins and clays extracted from Pology deposit, are used in both refractory and metallurgical industries, as well as in manufacturing of a number of products, such as porcelain, ceramics and faience, Portland cement clinker, rubber-technical and plastic products, artificial leather and fabrics, fodder components.

The bentonite clays of Pology deposit are used in manufacturing of molding mixtures and drilling fluids.

The molding sand is used in both metallurgical and foundry industries for making ramming masses and foundry forms, and for lining of casting ladles.

The construction sand is used in all types of concrete and construction mortars.

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