Siveryanka, Production-Trading Company, Closed Joint Stock Company

  • Address:
    36, Malyinovskogo str., c. Chernigiv, 14002, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0462) 95-51-83, 95-51-97, 95-52-39, 95-52-93, (04622) 3-10-40
"Siverianka" is a diversified complex combining clothes working out and manufacturing, a large trade network, auxiliary services.

- lady's coats, short coats, rain-coats, suits, dresses, pants, skirts, blouses;
- man's coats, jackets, rain-coats, suits, pants, shirts;
- inflatable boats (2 seats &3 seats);
- products out of rubbered cloth of own manufacturing (suits for fisherman & miner, overalls with rubber boots, etc.)

Our firm was founded on the base of the rubber technical factory in 1987. At that time it was a strictly specialized enterprise producing two kinds of uniform for the military.
Nowadays a clothes modelling department (design studio) submits for consideration of the fashion counsil more than 30 new models of dif-ferent clothes every month. In sum there are more than 600 models.
A moda design center "Lavis" is founded at the firm. It works on its own interpretation of the modern style.
The work at the enterprise is held with the help of mini-factories which produce coats, suits, dresses, khitted garments etc.

The purchase of the eguipment of such firm as "Durkopp Adler AG" (Germany) and "Juki" (Japan) helped to automate a number of opera-tions.
Our products are sold in the trade network of Ukraine, including shops of Chernihiv, sectors in 20 department stores in Kyiv.

Our firm can also provide a customer with products to individual order guaranteeing guality and originality. We propose not only good clothes but also beauty and refinement.
Today we are developing our own produc-tion of rubberized fabric with the help of which we produce the special uni-form for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the awnings for the cars, the tents, the inflatable rub-ber dinghies with freight-carrying capacity up to 1000 kg. Furthermore we produce rubber glues, plastic furniture and repair all kinds of dinghies.
The range of goods is being expanded all the time.

We offer not only beautiful garments but also beauty and courtliness.

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