Kulykivka Flax Plant, Open Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    18 Pobedy str., c. Kulykivka, Chernihiv reg., 16300, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04643) 2-15-50, 2-16-30
Chairman of the Board - Yevhen P. Martynyuk

OJSC "Kulikovka Flax-Plant" was formed on the basis of the state enterprise "Kulikovka Flax-Plant" in 1997.
It's a modern enterprise with a well-developed structure which provides for continuous work of the company for one year.
Main kinds of activities:
- growing and processing of flax and other agricultural plants;
- wholesale and retail trade.
Main kinds of goods:
- long and short fibre, building fibre;
- grain crops;
- food and industrial consumer goods.
Demand for production of the flax-plant is constantly growing. Since 2000 the enterprise has renewed the relations on the foreign market with Baltic countries, Western Europe, Russia.
OJSC "Kulikovka Flax-Plant" actively cooperates with enterprises from these countries and is looking for new partners in creation of a joint venture in growing and processing of flax and other agricultural plants; deposit of investments for buying a stock of technical equipment, increase of output, improvement of qualityof production, wholesale and retail trade.
The flax-plant has a highly qualified industrial, engineering-and-technological and administrative stuff.
The structure and staff of the plant departments secure the service of complete industrial process in absolute and additional production.
Thanks to the Chairman's competence in main industrial issues, great experience of work, economy in production scale, excellent functional strategy, OJSC "Kulikovka Flax-Plant" has an opportunity to serve additional groups of partners; and going out to new markets and rapid development, in connection with sharp growth of demand in production of the enterprise.