Chernivtsi Manufacturing Liquor Industry Joint Enterprise

  • Address:
    6 Khotynska str., c. Chernivtsy, 58007, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0372) 51-05-95, (03722) 2-95-24, 2-95-25, 2-95-26
Director - Olexandr P. Chorney

Chernivtsi branched volunteer association of liquor industry includes the following plants:
Chernivtsi distillery - exists since 1939
Karapachivskiy distillery - exists since 1917
Chernivtsi yeast plant - exists since 1913
The above-mentioned enterprises produce:
- rectified ethyl spirits of the highest quality refinement DEST 5962-67 (possible variant is spirit “Extra” and “Lux”);
- dry fodder yeast DEST 20083-74;
- liquid carbon dioxide DEST 8050-85;
- pressed baker's yeast DEST 171-81;
- stewed yeast grains.
Chernivtsi liquor plant - capacity of 6,1 thousand dal. of rectified spirit per day from sugar-containing raw material;
- 18 tons of dry fodder yeast per day;
- 15 tons of liquid carbon dioxide per day;
- 30 tons of stewed yeast grains per day.
Karapchivskiy liquor plant - capacity of 3 thousand dal. of rectified spirit per day from starch-containing raw meterial, 6 tons of liquid carbon dioxide per day.
Chernivtsi yeast plant - capacity of 15 tons of pressed baker's yeast per day.
The liquor industry is basically provided with modern equipment and production technology.
The products of the branch are competitive in the markets of Europe.