Kvazar-Micro Training Center

Head of the Center - Volodymyr Savchenko, Novell Certified Instructor, Novell Certified Engineer

Since 1994 Kvazar-Micro Training Center is well known organization that pioneered in IT Training Industry. Since 1994 it has been operating as the only Novell Authorized Education Center in Ukraine and since 1996 it has been representing the only Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center in Ukraine. We took from Sun Microsystems the status of Authorized Sun Microsystems Training Center in Ukraine. This outstanding fact is a real recognition of our commitment to quality, cutting-edge technical experience, ultimate reputation and reliability of operations. Sylvan and VUE partnership testing service is a plus to provide compete training and certification solutions to customers.

The strongest team of Instructors is represented in our Education Center. Four Microsoft Certified Trainers (two of them are fist Microsoft Certified Trainers and System Engineers in Ukraine) is a really big technological potential. No one has left the company during last 6 years. The cores of the team are instructors and engineers certified by Microsoft, Novell since 1995. Cross-learning and third-party instructor certification is a unique possibility to bring Novell, Sun or CISCO’ items to Microsoft training or vice versa. Long-term experience allows to customize or develop principally the best courses in the branch. We invest a lot of time and money in instructor improvement and as an example of result we started Data Warehousing on SQL 7.0 training a month before the first training in Russia. Each of our instructors has trained more than 400 students.

Customer oriented Philosophy of Training
Any training course is based on real-world experience and understanding of customer business needs. Our responsibilities are ACTUAL Knowledge even if it is not presented in official course material from vendor. So we add extra course contents, both theoretical and practical parts. No simulations - only real systems to learn Windows NT, Solaris, NetWare and Cisco Interoperability. We show the technology leakages or bugs (sure not presented in official books) but we are honest with our customers. Such kind of quite expensive add-ons is one of the reason to prefer our training.

QMS or Learning Improvement System
Quality of the training is the first and most important thing we care about.
Sure, we operate in accordance to vendors policy and widely recognized International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction, but our internal policy is much more strong. Some essential elements:
Course materials evaluation, adaptation and Improvement including locality and technical issues
Pre-course consulting, testing, and knowledge correction
Students Knowledge control during classroom (Unique Two language Testing System with multi-layer help)
Final Test which is developed by Kvazar-Micro as a stimulation and measurement tool; also an indicator to start actual vendor’s exams
Feedback form evaluation and correction planning to instructions and course content
Post Course 1-year free distant Support in the scope of course curriculum
Add-ons to Labs content and configuration environment