Cowperwood, Auditing Firm, Limited Liability Company

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    15a Hoholya str., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49044, Ukraine
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    +38(056) 370-19-76, (0562) 47-16-36, 47-83-98
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General Director - Valeriy V. Halasyuk

List of services:
- comprehensive range of auditor's services, audit of banks;
- consulting;
- economic analysis;
- estimation of the company's financial condition;
- tax planning and consulting

Specialists of our firms have the highest qualification (certified auditors and expert valuers, some even with the Doctor's degree) and many-year experience of work in industry, construction, trade, banking, and insurance; they can provide a broad range of professional services doing their jobs on the top professional level. Our services include the ones enumerated below.

- Audits with the purpose of getting evidence of no error in the balance and other accounts of the firm or organisation being audited.
- Suggestions as to rectifying violations and faults found in the process of auditing.
- Organization and restoration of accountancy at different firms and enterprises, expertise of accountancy software in use, consultations in the area of accountancy methodology and making accounts.
- Transformation of financial accounts in accordance with the international standards and principles of accountancy.
- Audit of solvency and financial condition of partners and customers.
- Special-purpose audit - including audits of correct profit sharing and dividends payment, correct compulsory budget and non-budget payments.

- Evaluation of the property of enterprises subject to privatization.
- Evaluation of enterprise property with the aim of determining the market price of its stock on the basis of information concerning its current activities.
- Evaluation of enterprises taking into accounts different kinds of investments.
- Evaluation of investment projects and efficiency of their implementation

- Consulting on tax planning and optimization of tax payments from companies and private individuals.
- Legal expertise of fiscal agencies' inspection results and legitimacy of their resolution as to imposing penalties; drawing up relevant expert conclusions.
- Information and consulting services to firms and enterprises on accountancy, taxation, and financial and business activities.
- Consultations on customs and foreign currency related regulations and in other aspects of export and import operations.

- Diagnosis of principal problems in the business activity of an enterprise.
- Market research and developing business strategies of enterprises.
- Evaluation of company's management, testing financial and accounting personnel, analysis of documentation turnover system, expertise of company's internal control system
- Economic calculations, including development of business plans, analysis of financial condition and elaboration of measures for its improvement, economic analysis of production processes and trade deal schemes, analysis of expense estimates, calculations, prices etc.
- Optimization of financial control at enterprises.
- Services related to company sharing and privatization of organizations.
- Consultations on company restructuring.

We possess a number of computer systems for reference and information on the laws of Ukraine, as well as a system of legal documents regulating economic and financial activities of enterprises with different types of ownership. This permits us to offer you various information services giving you advantages in business. Big industrial, building and trade companies, banks and insurance companies are our clients.

They include:
Ingulets State Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise, Novokryvorizky State Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise, Kryvy Rih State Central Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise, Joint-Stock Company "Dnipropetrovsk Iron-and-Steel Works named after Comintern", Joint-Stock Company "Konstantynivka Iron-and-Steel Works named after Frunze", Joint-Stock Company "UkrTsynk", Joint-Stock Company "Dnipropetrovsk Vtormet", Joint-Stock Company South-Eastern Regional Production Association "Tsvetmet", Joint-Stock Company "INGRA" (the Republic of Croatia), Joint Ukrainian-American Venture "Polycom UB", LTD. and others.
Joint-Stock Company "Building and Assembly Company No.17", Joint-Stock Company "Dniprogorstroy", Joint-Stock Company "Dniprostroymekhanizatsiya", Joint-Stock Company "DniproMetroStroy" and others.
Closed Joint-Stock Company "Central Department Store", State Foreign Trade Enterprise "Slavutytch-Steel" and others.
Commercial Bank "Pryvatbank", Commercial Bank "Zemelny Kapital", Dnipropetrovsk Regional Department of "AVAL" Bank, Operational Management of the Regional Department of the State Specialised Commercial Saving Bank of Ukraine and others.
Closed Joint-Stock Insurance Company "Talla", Closed Joint-Stock Insurance Company with foreign investments "Tsessia" and others.
You can get information about the quality of our work from the economic departments of these enterprises and organisations.