Vuglecompozit, State Works for Carbon-Carbon Composite Materials

  • Address:
    Pivnichne shosse, GSP-982, c. Zaporizhzhya, 69600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(061) 222-11-05, 222-11-07, 222-11-08
Director - O. Shostak

Characteristics of products mastered and produced by State Works "Vuglecompozit":

1. Layer reinforced carbon-carbon composite material UKPM-K (UKPM-E)

They are made as:
- plain plates by pressing;
- cylindrical, conical shells by winding;
- profile products such as: "angle", "channel", "wave" by laying out;
- fixing elements (screws, nuts, studs) from sheet's blanks;
- heaters of high and low temperature.

Sizes of blanks

- thickness (1,2...40) mm;
- dimension up to (1500х1500) mm.
- diameter- up to 2400 mm;
- length - up to 4000mm;
- thickness of wall - from 2 to 20 mm.
Angles and channels:
- width of shelf up to 102 mm;
- thickness - (1,5...6) mm;
- length up to 1220 mm.

Main fields of application

Products from UKPM-K material are more width used for lining, heaters (UKPM-E) and technical equipment in electro thermal high temperature equipments (1000...2000) С working with using of vacuum or inert gases in operating space. Such equipment is more width used in special engineering industry under production of semiconductor materials and in some other fields of "high" technologies.
Low temperature heaters are effective for everyday and industrial heat fans working at temperature up to170 С.

2. Low density carbon-carbon heat insulation material TIB

Sizes of blanks

- diameter - 2150 mm;
- thickness - up to 160 mm.
It is possible to make parts by the custom's drawings.

Main fields of application

More width used for parts of heat insulation of electro thermal, high temperature equipment (1000...2000) С , and working with using of vacuum or inert gases in operating space.

3. Carbon fabrics:
- graphitized ETAN-I, ETAN-II, weight 1 sq.m - 350 g and 335 g respectively;
- carbonized "Khortitsa-I", weight 1 sq.m - 420 g.

Sizes of blanks

- width - 0,57±0,02 m and 0,52±0,02 m respectively;
- length of piece more than 5 m;

- width - 0,6 m;
- length of piece more than 5 m

Main fields of application

Fabric ETAN-I and ETAN-II are used:
- as reinforced stuff in carbon-carbon composite materials;
- for high temperature insulations;
- as current conductors elements in flexible heaters.

Fabric "Khortitsa-I" are used:
- as inert heat resistance stuff;
- for chemical resistance carbon-filled plastics;
- for filtering of solutions of acidities and alkalis.

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