Firm Selma, ElectroMachine Building Plant, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    32а, Generala Vasilyeva str., c. Simferopol, Autonomous Republic of Crimea , 95000, Ukraine
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- transformers for manual arc welding (MMA/AC) of 100 to 500 A;
- single-operator and multi-operator convertors for manual arc welding (MMA/DC) of 100 to 1250 A;
- semi-automatic welding machines in carbon dioxide and argon mediums (MIGMAG) of 100 to 600 A;
- unit for argon-arc welding (TIG) from 100 to 500 A;
- units for air-plasma cutting of metal up to 90 mm thick;
- small-size machines for resistance spot welding MT-501;
- idle run voltage reduction units for the welding power sources BSN-10;
- equipment for controlling resistance welders;
- electrodes of the type ANO-4 (diameter 3mm and 4 mm).

Nowadays Electric Machine Plant "Selma Firm", Open Joint-Stock Company, is one of the biggest producers of electric welding equipment and equipment for contact welding machines control both in Ukraine and CIS countries.
The plant was founded in 1946 as electric machine plant which produced electric technical equipment.

"Selma Firm" has been specializing for 55 years in the field of manufacturing welding equipment and has been supplying the market with products of high quality technical characteristics, as well as with high-quality design, and reliability, which were proved by international certificate ISO 9001 and also by the certificates of State Standards of Ukraine and Russia.

At present our firm takes the leading position as to the ratio of the price and quality among domestic and world welding producers. The uniqueness of our products is that our customer can purchase all the necessary equipment range (more than 60 units) for all types of welding - welding transformers, convertors, semi-automats, units for argon-arc welding, units for air-plasma cutting of metal, machines for resistance spot welding, equipment for controlling resistance welders and welding electrodes - everything at our enterprise. High-quality, and thus high-reliable equipment under "SELMA" tade mark can be used practically in all spheres of economical actvity, starting from mobile usage at construction sites, for assemblage and repair works and up to industrial utilization (auto-industry, railway carriages and ship-building industries, ship repairs, chemical industry, heavy engineering industry, gas-and-oil producing and gas-and-oil-processing industry, etc.) - everywhere, where perfect results and high reliability are determining factors.

Permanent work of designers and creators on modernization of equipment stock and work out of new welding equipment, utilization of new welding computer techniques for designing machines and mechanisms - all these enable the plant to master and produce new types of modern highly-technological equipment in very short terms. New computer-controlled press complexes produced by the German firm TRIUMF and modern powder-spraying painting line have enabled to intensify the production process.

We have close ties and mutually beneficial cooperation with the biggest world producers of the same field - Swedish Concern ESAB, Finnish Firm KEMPPI, German Firm ABICOR BINZEL, "COOPTIM LTD" (Hungary), and also with Scientific-Technical Complex "Institute of Electric Welding named after Paton", Kyiv. We are establishing business partnership contacts with Polish Firm OZAS.

"Selma Firm"is constantly working on developing its sales markets and searching for potential clients in different regions of Ukraine, which enabled us to become an export-oriented enterprise. 70 % of our welding equipment is sold abroad. The main foreign partners of our plant are companies of CIS countries, Sweden, Singapore, Jordan, Siria, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Iraque, Vietnam, etc.

The wide network of our representative offices in Russia and Ukraine enables us to render after-sales service during the warranty period and after it.

Our equipment will provide you with new opportunities!

We welcome you to cooperate on long-term and mutually beneficial basis.

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