Feodosia Public Optical Plant

  • Address:
    11 Moskovska str., c. Feodosia, Autonomous Republic of Crimea , 98100, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06562) 3-22-46, 3-22-96, 3-23-32
  • Web-site:
Director - Olexandr I. Litvinenko

Feodosia Municipal Optical Plant is one of the biggest optical plants in Ukraine and was established in 1967.

- microscope "Unnat-2P-1M"
- microscope "Unnat-1P1"
- microscope "Unnat-2P1"
- microscope "Unnat-2P3"
- telescope #DT

The plant is located in the downtown of Feodosia and occupies 2.4 hectares. Besides the plant possesses a transport workshop (1.53 hectares) and a warehouse base (3.85) which are located in outskirts. Production buildings of the plant are capital structures. Production area is 11 300 sq.m.

Experienced and highly qualified specialists, unique technologies and high quality of products enabled the plant to join the world sales market: USA, Poland, Russia, Belorussia, India, Argentine, Greece, Canada and others.

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