Proletary, Lisichansky Glass Factory, Public Joint-Stock Company

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    1, Michurina str., c. Lysychansk, Lugansk reg., 93110, Ukraine
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    +38(06451) 7-36-38, 9-42-72, 9-44-75
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PJSC "Lisichansky Glass Factory "Proletary" is one of the biggest and after 1989 the sole enterprise in Ukraine producing high-quality flat polished glass and items from it.

Production capacities of the factory's three float lines allow producing more than 42.000 sq.m. of high-grade glass with quality M1 - M4 , M7 (according to GOST-111-90), with thicknesses from 3 mm up to 10 mm, and the following dimensions: 1600 x 1300; 2100 x 1600; 2400 x 1600; 2600 x 1600; 3210 x 2000 mm.

The factory developed the technology of production of light and heat-protected glass tinted in mass, particularly "bronze" glass.

Packaging of the glass is realized into reusable containers and wooden crates with powder or paper used as interlay material according to consumer's agreement. Transporting is carried out by auto, railroad or marine transport means.

Near 50% of flat float glass is realized in internal market, the rest of production is imported in almost all CIS countries and also to Algeria, Tunis, Turkey, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and other countries.

In 2001 the factory reconstructed the department of tempering the glass and bought the "Tamglass" horizontal tempering furnace (Finland) in the set with auxiliary equipment of Italian companies "Bavelloni" and "Bottero".

Reequipment of production allows to manufacture high quality tempered glass according to GOST 5727-88, GOST 30698-2000 (DSTU.BV.2.7-110-200) with the thicknesses from 4 mm up to 19 mm and length size from 250 mm to 3000 mm and width size from 250 mm to 2100 mm.
The cutting accuracy is +/- 0,25 mm, grinding and polishing conforms the consumer's desire.

Also the factory produces furniture glass and mirrors, haberdashery glass, toned glass, glass and mirror shop windows, furniture from glass, tempered glass with silk-screen decorations for gas and electric ovens and other articles.

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