Municipality of Yuzhny City

  • Address:
    26a Grigoryevsky Desant ave., c. Yuzhne, Odesa , Odesa reg., 65481, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04842) 2-16-68, 2-28-44
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Yuzhny city is situated on the north-western coast of the Black Sea 30 km from Odessa and 75 km from Nickolaev city. The main enterprises: Commercial Seaport Yuzhny, Odessa Portal Plant, JV "Transinvestservice", civil engineering enterprises, transport companies and more than five hundred enterprises of medium and small business.

Yuzhny has an advantageous economic and geographic position. It lies at the crossing of the main transit freight routes Europe – the Mediterranean. Annually more than 550 vessels under the flags of all countries and continents enter port Yuzhny. Port Yuzhny is one of the deepest and ice-free sea-ports of the Black Sea.

Odessa Portal Plant is a big transport complex set up at the merging point of pipelines, railway and marine transport. The plant includes production of ammonia, urea, fluid carbonid acid ,dry ice.

In the adminastrative boundaries of the city YUZHNY FREE ECONOMIC ZONE "ADJALYK" is being setting up , its territory is about 474 ha. Adjalyk free economic zone is located at the croosroads of transport routes between European and Mediterranean countries.

By the index of manufacture in a total product and total profit per head, the city enters in first ten cities of the Ukraine.