Dzerzhynsk Instrument-Manufacturing Plant

  • Address:
    Business Center, DNU, 24 Universytetska str., c. Donetsk, 83000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 381-03-50, 381-03-51
Director - Yu. Kurakov

- manufacture, installation and service of electromagnetic meters of electroconducting fluids designed to be mounted on the pipes with a diameter range of 80-4,000 mm

The flowmeter is an up-to-date device for volume measurement and the measurement of volume consumption of the electroconducting fluids (water, mixture, pulp, ets.), running in the pipes with a diameter of 80 mm and over, within the temperature range of -2 C - +130 C. This is a small-sized and easy to install device (the installation of the device is 10-25 times as cheap as that of fluid flowmeters in operation). The flowmeter consists of the reorganizer ISP-204, which measures the velocity of fluid stream and transforms it into a unified signal (0.5 to 5 mA), – the given reorganizer is recorded in the State Measuring Instruments List, item number U1190-90, - and the analogue concordance block BS-1 that is a secondary measuring-reorganizer. The storage and generalization of the exploitation process, the analysis of the impressions, proposals and wishes of the consumers enabled us to produce devices meeting the present-day standards. Taking into account demands of consumers, up-to-date modifications of the Block BC were designed, which are compatible with IBM PC/AT computers both as a separate block on the basis of PC or as a part of PC.

The consumption-counter works in the following operation conditions given in the table 1:
Operation conditions Block ISP Block BS
Air temperature , C -10 to +45 -10 to +35
The temperature of medium measured, C -2 to +130
Atmospheric pressure, kPa 84 to 106 84 to 106
Length of the chain ISB-concordance block
BS with a resistance in the mains of up
to 20 Om, in the measured mains of up
to 200 Om, m 200
Relative humidity, % <=100 <=75
At temperature, C <=30 <=35
Technical characteristic:
Velocity range measured, m/s 0.015 … 2.2
Inner diameter of the pipe, mm 80 … 4000
Main relative error of the velocity measurement, % 1.0
Range of changes in the out-going signal, mA 0 … 5.0
Power consumption <= 0.13
Range of electroconductivity of mediums
measured, Om/m 10-3 … 10

By now over 300 devices have been installed at the Ukrainian plants. All these devices have been highly evaluated. Among the plants using the flowmeters are:
– JSC “Obolon” - 3 devices have been installed to keep the record of beer consumption and that of water in the artesian wells.
– Druzhkovka Machine-Building Plant – 3 devices have been installed to keep the record of water consumption (For 6 years they have been working without a break-down).
– OJSC “Crimea Soda-Making Plant” – on the pulp, containing 12% of hard components and up to 30% of salt within the temperature range of +8 … +90 C.
– “Makeyevska Ukrpromvodchermet” (they have been working for more than 5 years)