Elektronasos - Service, Specialized Production and Commercial Company

  • Address:
    of.1, 52, Pushkina str., c. Poltava, 36039, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0532) 50-24-90, (05322) 7-43-43, 7-50-25
Director - Svitlana M. Yakovleva

The "Electronasos" Company invites you to cooperation. We try to satisfy needs and wishes of our clients, to solve their problems. We are aware of the fact, that our customers' wishes determine the scale of our activities.

Our company was established in 1994. Pumping units, which are produced at our enterprise, transport and control fluid flows in different spheres of human activities: chemistry, food industry, water transport, energy production, waste water treatment, etc.

Each year drowned electric pumps extract millions of cubic meters of groundwater out of mine workings.

A lot of very important ecological problems in our country can not be solved without pumping units, which are supposed to carry out different functions.

The main direction of our company activities is to build up and sell pump-and-compressor units used in oil-and-gas production, chemical processing, mining and metallurgy industries, water and heat supply and drainage systems.

At present we can help each client to solve his individual problems using ordinary or special pumps.

In Ukraine pumps built up by our company are used at the following enterprises:
Kremenchug Petroleum Refinery; "Pridneprovskie oil-trunk pipelines" JSC; "Druzhba" Co.; Odessa Port Factory; "Lukor" Concern; "Transammiak" JSC; "Neftikhimik Prikarpatia" JSC; "Azot" JSC; "Galichina" Petroleum Refinery; etc. We conduct design of special pumping equipment with assistance of research institutes: "VNIIPITransgas"; "LvovGIPROneftekhim"; "LuganskGiproshakht"; "DonGiproshakht"; "Donugleproect"; "Yuzhgiproshakht"; "Donetsk Institute of Mining Mechanics"; "UkrNIIgas"; "Institute of Mineral Oil Transportation"; "UkrNIIvodokanalproect"; "UkrGIAP"; etc.

Our company has close business relations with the "KSB" German Company, which is one of the world top-level companies in the sphere of the pump engineering. Since 1995 our company has been an official representative of the "KSB" Company in Ukraine.

Our company has own carriers, production facilities, office, store.

We have our representatives in the Crimea (Yalta) and in the Western Ukraine (Ternopol).

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