Kremenchuk College of Civil Aviation of Peoples' Friendship Order

  • Address:
    17/6, Peremohy str., c. Kremenchuk, Poltava reg., 39605, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05366) 3-10-28, 3-10-30
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Kremenchuk Flying College is a state educational establishment, was founded in 1960. Over more than 40 years of existence it has graduated more than 40,000 aviation specialists for the Commonwealth of Independent States and about 4,000 citizens from 58 other countries, including Algeria, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Japan, Peru, Poland, the USA, Finland, and Zambia. Future cosmonauts V. Aksionov, P. Klimuk, A. Levchenko, A. Leonov began their way to the sky at college's airfields.

At present the college has a large fleet of helicopters, a modern educational and laboratory base, a simulator center, and four landing fields. It boasts its own medical center, a hotel, student dorm, canteens, a stadium, and sports grounds on its campus.

A special program aimed at equipping classrooms with modern means instruction and testing students' knowledge has been introduced out at the college. The college's landing fields are located in a zone of favorable climate and have a developed network of transport facilities for supplying fuel, oil, spare parts, equipment, etc.

The initial training of pilots is performed on board helicopters MI-2 and MI-8 with a 3-year term of training. Jointly with the Kyiv International Aviation University the college carries out the initial training of pilot-engineers with a 5-year course of study. The college's graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies at the Kirovohrad State Aviation Academy.

The college conducts all types of professional skill, enhancement and conversion-training of flight personnel on board helicopters MI-2, MI-8, MI-17, MI-6A, MI-26T, and KA-32, as well as complex conversion training of flight and technical personnel for these types of helicopters to special orders of air companies and firms. The program of theoretical and flight training may be altered in the customers' interests.

The college grants customers a full range of aviation services:
- transportation of passengers and cargos;
- patrolling of oil- and gas pipelines;
- extinguishing forest fires;
- emergency and rescue works;
- film- and photo surveys etc.

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