Brovary Plant of Plastic Materials, Public Joint Stock Company

  • Address:
    Promvuzol, c. Brovary, Kyiv reg., 07400, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04594) 5-02-42, 9-23-34, 9-23-55
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Chairman of the Board - General Director - Bogdan Ya. Kushnir

Public Joint Stock Company "Brovary Plastics Plant ", the unique producer in Ukraine of the ascending pipes from the non-plastific polyvinylchloride (NPVC) for the drinking water , offers its products:
- ascending pipes from the non-plastic polyvinylchloride (NPVC) for the drinking water;
- socket-Pipes of NPVC;
- rejection and coupling for pipes of NPVC;
- pipes of NPVC for the sewerage nets;
- pipes of NPVC for the electric installation;
- pipes of NPVC without the socket;
- polyethylene-Pipes;
- popupal articles (Dining oil-cloth, Polyethylene film, Bucket for water, Cover for pots etc.)