Fakel, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    Promvuzol, c. Fastiv, Kyiv reg., 08500, Ukraine
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    +38(04565) 6-67-55, 6-67-60, 6-67-62
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General Director - Mykols O. Mashkov

VAT "Fakel" advantages:
- Specialization and experience in production of the gas equipment;
- Favourable geographical location with a necessary infrastructure;
- Presence of free productive capacities for location of new manufactures;
- Presence of qualified personnel;
- Small wear degree of main production assets;
- Presence of the capacious market of released production.

Nomenclature and consuming branches

1. The largest volume of the commodity release (about 65 %) is made up production for gas processing branch, namely:
- Gas heaters for gas distribution stations and compression stations with output 10000 m3/h and 30000 m3/h;
- Gas distribution stations with output up to 10000 m3/h and 50000 m3/h;
- Tubular heat exchangers-regenerators for aggregates GTK-10 NZL, heat exchangers-utilizators of heat for stations of trunk pipelines.
The given production is realized on the markets of Russia by RAO "Gasprom" and in Ukraine by joint-stock company "Ukrgasprom".
2. Gas burners equipment in volume of the commodity release makes about 25 %. Main representatives of the given group of the equipment are the following:
- Automized block gas burners devices with thermal power: 0,34 MW; 1,0 MW; 1,5 MW; 2,2 MW are intended for installation on heating water boilers, steam boilers, heating water generators , furnaces, drying-rooms;
- Gas burners devices of industrial application are represented by a range of gas and black mineral oil burners with thermal power 0,5 - 7,5 MW, radiant tubes, vortical burners, special burners, intended for industrial boilers, thermal and heating furnaces, burning furnaces of ceramic products.
Main consuming branches - firms of housing-municipal services and heat communal energy factories, manufacturers if heating boilers, bread baking and mixed feeding industry for furnaces and drying aggregates, industry of building and ceramic materials for burning furnaces, metallurgical and machine-building industry for heating and thermal furnaces ,etc.
3. The group of the consumer goods is represented by a range of domestic heating water boilers with output: 16, 25, 40, 100 kW.
The boilers KS-GV-40 and KS-G-100 are used for making up a set of block mini- boiler-rooms and stationary thermal points.
The realization of production occurs through the network of wholesale-retail trade on territory of Ukraine, partially in Russia and Moldova for small corporations, organizations and individual customers.

Certification of production
The production of the factory regularly passes trials on correspondence to the technical requirements in accredited laboratories and test centres on territory of Ukraine and Russia.
According to the system of certification in Ukraine UkrSEPRO at the moment subjects of certification are domestic boilers and burners devices for them. Domestic boilers of 16, 25 KW are certificated by the factory, in a stage of completion of certification are boilers of 40 and 100 KW and gas burners devices for them.
For the extension of the sale markets on the territory of the C.I.S. countries by the factory in initiative order is carried out the certification of automized block burners.

Geography of sale of products the following:
Russia - 72 %; Ukraine - 18 %; Turkmenia - 6 %; Moldova - 0,9 %; Byelarus - 3,1 %.

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