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Aisberg, Ltd., Joint Ukrainian-American-Russian Venture

  • Address:
    1, Chizay urochishe, PB 230, c. Berehove, Zakarpattya reg., 90200, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03141) 2-30-24, 2-31-93, 2-34-82, 2-35-62
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Director - Oleh I. Ivashkovych

JV AISBERG Ltd. was founded in November 1995 in the town of Beregove, in Chizai, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine.

The products of JV AISBERG Ltd. was produced under the trademark of the American Corporation GOLD ZIP Ltd. till April of 2001.

Since April of 2001 all products have been bottled under the trademark CHIZAI, the name came from the place where the venture is situated.

The location was chozen intentionally. In Transcarpathia viticulture goes back to hundred-year-old history. Nature endowed excellent fertile soil. Slopes of the volcanic mountains on which grapes grow are rich in minerals as well as optimum amount of sunshine give an exceptional taste to the wine maturing in oak barrels in ancient cellars. As a result of this lucky coincidence of nature conditions, the industry of winegrowers and wine-makers from generation to generation observing traditions and keeping the secrets of their professions for many centuries, the bouquet of Transcarpathian wines is born.

The geographical location causes relations between Transcarpathia and Hungary, the country having enormous first-class raw material potential. The cooperation with the Hungarian firm PROMONTORBOR RT Tokaji-Mad, which holds the leading position in making Tokaji wines, helped us to start producing this famous wine in Transcarpathia too.
Productive infrastructure of JV AISBERG Ltd. is situated on the territory, its total area is 3.5 hectares. All this area of the productive and the store-houses is 4660 m2 and consists of:
- Productive and wine store-houses of the plant - 2900 m2 ;
- Wine cellars (depositories) 1300 m2 ;
- Offices - 460 m2 .

In 1997 the new production line was placed with the capacity of 5000 bottles per hour. Thanks to the high automation of the technological processes twelve persons operate the production line.

The technological productive conditions and the quality of production are being controlled on several levels expert wine-makers, laboratories, the State Committee of metrology and standardization. Numerous wine store houses give the opportunity to put on wine line production of high quality with necessary standards and hygienic norms.

Wine production (secondary wine-making) is not seasonal, it is based only on a state of the market and presence of qualitative wine materials. Now wine material is being worked up to rich all necessary technological standards and to liquidate the inclination to dimness. As far as the standards of each wine material batch are different, the terms are individual for each batch. It is the quality of production, which is the most important in processing.

Since autumn of 2000 the JV AISBERG Ltd. has been processing grapes from local winegrowers as well as its own wine-materials. Some of the wine materials are brought from vineyards of Hungary, the Republic of Crimea and some regions of Ukraine: Odessa, Kherson, Mykolayiv.

Wine assortment:
Vine high quality white semi-dry wine Tokaji
1 Furmint
2 Harslevelu
3 Muskotay
Vine high quality white semi-sweet wine Tokaji
4 Furmint
5 Harslevelu
6 Muskotay
All these wine are bottling into the bottles of 0,5l.

Vine natural fine white dry wine
7 Kwiyi Polonini
8 Rkatsiteli Berislavskoye
Vine natural white dry
9 Sauvignon high quality
10 Stolovoye
Vine white semi-sweet wine
11 Chizai
12 Serina muskat
Vine white desert wine
13 Solntse v Bokale
Vine natural high quality red dry wine
14 Kabernet
15 Merlot
16 Saperavi
Vine red wine
17 Kadarka semi-dry
18 Kadarka semi-sweet
Vine red dessert wine
19 Izabella Dessertnaya
20 Kagor Ukrainian
21 Kagor Hibridniy
Vine rosy semi-dry wine
22 Izabella Transcarpathian
23 Ampel
Vine rosy semi-sweet wine
24 Izabella Transcarpathian
25 Ampel
Vine rosy strong wine
26 Hrono Transcarpathian

Vine wine
27 Monastirskaya Izba white semi-dry
28 Monastirskaya Izba white semi-sweet
29 Monastirskaya Izba red semi-dry
30 Monastirskaya Izba red semi-sweet

The production of our plant is bottled in a traditional bottle of 0,7l Bordo, Reynskaya, and packed into the goffer cardboard boxes.

Vine sparkling semi-sweet wine
31 Muskat-2000 white
32 Muskat-2000 rozy

The production of our plant is bottled in 0,75l. bottle Shampanskaya and packed into the goffer cardboard boxes.

JV AISBERG Ltd. has the right to use trademarks of its partners Italian Wine house MORANDO and Hungarian Joint Stock Company PROMONTORBOR.
JV AISBERG Ltd. is a regular participant of the great Ukrainian and Russian wine exhibitions.

The production of our plant was repeatedly awarded with Diplomas for its high quality.
Nowadays our production is successfully sold into all Ukrainian regions as well as exported to Belarus, Baltic countries, Turkmenistan, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, Germany and the USA. Since the foundation of the plant a great number of wines have been applied in industry and have been appreciated for their true values by the consumers in a short time.
Continuous negotiations are being held to extend commodity market, home market and foreign market.

All offers should be considered.

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