Bakery #10, Subsidiary Company of Kyivkhlib, Joint Stock Company

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    5 Bogatyrska str., c. Kyiv, 04655, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 412-09-32, 414-90-56
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Kyiv Bakery #10 is a structural division of "Kyivkhlib" JSC. The bakery was put into operation in 1995 and is the latest enterprise of the bread baking of Ukraine. Successfully blending traditional receipts and advanced technologies the company produce bakery of wide range and high standards.

The bakery complex was constructed according to an individual project using perspective advanced developments which base on manufacture automation and computerization. The total designed production capacities of the bakery is 200 tons of bakeries per 24 hours. Initially the enterprise was oriented on bakery products.
Later facilities for confectionery and pastry products were put into operation: a workshop for bun products (1997) and a workshop for yeast flaky pastries, cakes and bun cookies were started (1999).

The enterprise is equipped with 6 complex automated manufacture lines with powerful ovens PPC and "Gostol". Mechanization and automation of manufacture process makes up 70% at all production divisions and is carried out with advanced Ukrainian and imported automated systems.

During the last 3 years a number of works for manufacture automation, namely for application of power-saving technology, was carried out:
- kneading and starting departments, refrigerating and compressors department were reconstructed for manufacture flexibility increase. There are many innovations in the oven workshop as well.
- advanced control system which provides for operative information on raw material consumption and volume of ready-made products.
- a new independent source of water supply from an artesian well. Deironing plant was applied which considerably improved quality of water used for production.
- at the bulk storage warehouse for flour (store capacity to 900 tons of flour) vault down-fall system by "Mitech" was introduced. The system completely covers production needs.
- The existing electric supply networks were reconstructed. Now data of this system are displayed and precessed by computer, as a result about 20% of power are saved.
- After installation of 3 water-heaters (fed with oven waste gases) steam consumption for heat supply was considerably reduced. At 6 manufacture lines steam generators (which use heat of burner flame) are already installed.
- Advanced steam- and hot water accounting systems in the heating system.

The new complex of power-saving technology has already benefited considerable saving of power resources.

Manufacture process, quality of raw materials and ready-made products are constantly controlled by the engineering service.

Company specialists constantly work on updating and extending product range, quality increase. Since 1996 the enterprise has developed recipes and started production of over 20 items of bakeries and confectioneries. The most popular are "Obolonskaya" buns, flaky pretzels with cheese flavor, "Listochki", "Exoticheskoe", "Yablonevy Tsvet", "Podkovki" cookies. In 2002 the enterprise started production of 9 more items of bakeries and confectioneries. Bakery production is based on traditional classic technology with long fermentation of semi-finished products which provides for accumulating flavor and aroma substances. Products are manufactured of natural high-quality raw material without chemicals and preservatives.
Dough is prepared on clean artesian water. Manufacture process (from dough making to ready bread) takes 6-7 hours. In an hour or two the products are delivered to trade network.

Now the number of bakery products features 45 items and 16 items of confectionery products. Products of mass consumption include: "Ukrainsky Novy" bread, "Niva" long loaf of flour of extra class, "Kievsky" wheat bread of flour of first class are available packed and unpacked, in slices.
We also supply dietetic and diabetic products for those who require special food. Those are elamine containing loafs (to remove toxic substances and radionuclids), products with food fibers (croissants with bran, little loaves with bran, doctor's loaves) for those suffering diabetes, adiposis, arteriosclerosis, products with beta-carotin (Letnyaya roll), sorbite added ("Makovka" diabetic buns).
We also bake aroma festival round loaves, namely "Urochisty", "Vernost", "Prazdnik", "Palyanitsa". They are artistically decorated which stresses festival atmosphere.
We also bake Easter cakes, the recipes are developed by our specialists. A part of those cakes is packed in festival decorated boxes.

The program developed by our marketing department enables to offer always fresh bakery. Shelf time of wheat bakery makes up 16-24 hours (according to bakery weight) and up to 36 hours for rye and wheat-rye products.

Our products enjoy great demand in all Kiev districts, they are sold in the Kiev oblast and 5 other oblasts of Ukraine. Average sales volume makes up 165-180 tons of bakery per 24 hours.
Number of supply contracts permanently increase. We have made contracts with enterprises of various forms of ownership. Namely: "Avtoritet" OJSC, "Dzherelo" CJSC, "Gastronom" OJSC (network featuring over 10 supermarkets); supermarkets "Billa", "Megamarket", "Bimarket", "Selpo", "Fourchette", "Tiko-Market", "Euromarket" subsidiary, "Euromart 2", "Velyka Kyshenya", "Vest Line", "Central Department Store" OJSC, private entrepreneurs, military units, hospitals, schhols and pre-school establishments.

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