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JSC "Kyivproekt" carry out complex building and reconstruction of the capital of Ukraine. There has been developed all master plans of the city (1947, 1966, 1986, 2002), developed the projects of building up of practically all housing districts, ensembles and squares. Kievproekt drafted more than 44 million sq. meters of 51, 159 million sq. meters of available housing facilities in Kyiv (01.01.2003). It is almost 87% of housing stock.
The corps of the State University, Ukrainian House, TV Studio Complex, hotels of Moscow, National, Khreschatik and others Kyiv Chamber of Comers and Industry buildings of embassies of foreign states, former Palace of Pioneers and Children Academy of Arts; cinemas and office buildings; shopping centers and multi-storied residential buildings were built according to our projects.
Objects of engineering infrastructures were born in Kyivproekt, - water supply system, and sewage collectors, pump stations, cleansing erections, thermal highways and boiler rooms - ensure vital activity of the city.
The payment of the Institute in forming of street-transport structure of Kyiv is great. The street-transport system the length of which is over 1550 km., over 50 transport junctions in different levels, 253 underground zebra crossing, about 530 km, of trolleybus and over 250 km of tram-lines (in single-line calculation) were born exactly within its precincts.
During the last 25 years Kyivproekt has executed the functions of the main Kyiv design organization. Today JSC "Kyivproekt" is design - production complex with wide ability capable to solving problems of city building and city engineering in complex at the high professional level.
The collective of the Kyivproekt is over 1200 highly skilled specialists of all project specialties, including 19 academicians of the Ukrainian Academy of architecture and Academy of construction of Ukraine, deserved architects and builders of Ukraine, winners of the National prizes and prizes of the Council of Ministers, honored architects and builders of Ukraine, candidates of architecture and technical sciences. Recently these specialists have efficiently and issued the documentation for such projects South terminal of railway station, Independent Square, reconstructed Bessarabskiy Quarter and Ukrainian Department Store, Water Data Center, etc. The important milestone of Kyivproekt activity is participation in restoration and reconstruction of destroyed sanctuaries - Uspensky Cathedral of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and Mykhailivsky Zlatoverkhy Monastery. Only for the last 4 years four construction projects erected from the designs by the joint-stock company Kyivproekt have been awarded the National Prize in the field of architecture.
The quality of project works and project production organization is confirmed by international certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000. JSC Kyivproekt has a state license ser. AA № 499660, which permits to carry out almost the whole range of works connected with producing of project estimate works on the complex building of Kiev:

In 2001 year JSC Kyivproekt for outstanding contribute in the city building development and building of Kyiv was awarded with medal "For the labour achievements" IVc., according to European standards, high quality of our production is marked with the international prize "European quality".
· Development of a New Master Plan of the city, its land cadastre, allotment of new land plots for development.
· Complete package of service associated with basic design data and development of design cost estimates for civil engineering structures and communal designation facilities.
· Development of social assets reprofiling projects and redesigns; determination of the existing structures condition; recommendations with respect to their reinforcement.
· Design of all kinds of engineering and transport highways of Kyiv.
· Execution of all types of geologic, engineering-geological and geophysical surveys in construction.
· Examination and assessment of assets owned by state enterprises subject to privatised.

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