EAN-Ukraine, Association of Commodities Numeration

President - Chief Executive Officer - Valentyn V. Oskolsky

EAN Member Organisations are mandated by EAN International to administer the EAN•UCC system at the national or regional level. Only one EAN Member Organisations can act as EAN International official representative in a country or region.

EAN UKRAINE is the sole organization authorized by EAN International to administer and maintain the EAN•UCC System in Ukraine. EAN UKRAINE is entitled by EAN International to use the trademark "EAN".

About 3800 Ukrainian manufacturers, distributors and retailers are the current members of EAN UKRAINE. Member companies represent the most trade and industry sectors of the country economy.

EAN UKRAINE administers the international business-led EAN UCC standards of the bar coding and electronic communications in Ukraine. Association promotes the use of EAN•UCC identification, bar coding and e-commerce applications and provides the education in this area.

Been the recognized standard maintaining authority, EAN UKRAINE takes part in the number of national industry and sectoral initiatives related Automatic Data Capture and Identification (ADC&ID), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Association participates in national and international standardization.

EAN UKRAINE actively supports the development of electronic commerce in Ukraine. Association has created the practical e-commerce tools:
- EAN UKRAINE's member companies are presented in Global EAN Party Information Repository (GEPIR).
- National electronic catalogue of "branded" variable measure retail articles supports and facilitate communications between the manufacturers and retailers using the national coding solution for the variable measure articles suppluing for the retail sales.
- The National Electronic Catalogue of Products and Services (Depository) is a Data Synchronization Catalogue. It is Multi Industry, Internet enabled tool to provide effective Data Alignment and Data Synchronization services for EAN•UCC System users.