Inex Ukr Parquet, Company, Private Firm

  • Address:
    4 Grinchenko str., c. Kyiv, 03038, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 492-79-45
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Director - Olena Skorokhodova

Since 1994 Inex Ukr Parquet has manufactured the highest quality, most detailed wood flooring in the European market. Our product has an Old World charm not found in today's mass produced flooring market.

Highly skilled craftsmen are equipped with the most technologically advanced European equipment available and utilize only the most desirable woods, from well-sustained forests, to produce flooring patterns with unparalleled quality and detail.

Inex Ukr Parquet stands behind the beauty and workability of their product. We have combined a number of important features to make these artisan parquets not only stunning in appearance, but easy to work with, as well, including:
- fast ordering to delivery turn-around time,
- a large selection of pre-existing patterns,
- the use of a tongue and groove system on each and every piece of flooring, no matter how small,
- adherence to a strict policy of using only ecologically clean woods.

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