Odessa Piston Rings Plant, Open Joint-Stock Company

General Director - Yuriy M. Golovanov

Today the plant produces more than 85 dimention types and designs of piston rings of diameter from 30 up to 130 mm. They work in tractor engines of "Belarus", T70C, DT75V, T25A, TT4, T-50, harvester engines of "Slavutych", "Lan", "Nyva", "Kherson", "Kolos", "Don". The plant also produces complects of piston rings for car and truck engines of "KAMAZ", "GAZ", "KrAZ", "MAZ", "TATRA", "Moskvych-412", "VAZ", motor cycles "IZH", "YAVA", buses "Ikarus" and piston rings for different compressors as well.

For high-quality production output the plant was awarded with the Diploma of Laureate of International Popularity and Goods and Services Quality Rating "Golden Fortune" in 2000. In 2001 it was awarded with the Order of Honour of the International Personnel Academy.

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