Real-Service, Estate Agency

  • Address:
    9 Yuzhnoukrainskaya st., c. Zaporizhzhya, 69035, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(061) 213-31-42, 213-31-43
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Director - Dmytro Shvidkiy

Sphere of business:
1. professional realtors in Zaporozhye region
2. documents and agreement workout and support, payment arrangements (escrow)
3. legal services
4. real estate property appraisal
5. mortgage

Over six years “Real-Service” estate agency is most dynamically developing enterprise of the branch in city.
While using modern information technologies of service approach allows a level of services in the Zaporozhye market to reach global.
Agency had developed a mortgage program with a support of domestic banks, that had proved itself successfull in Zaporozhye since 2000.
We consider to initiate certain increase of activity in the most perspective branch - the development of initial market of the real estate (construction of habitation).
Our outstanding experience of development of information systems for the market of the real estate allows to work around planning of creation of general purpose system of a national level which will give the big economic benefit with a presence of due support.