Research-and-Production Enterprise Precision Abrasives, Open Joint-Stock Company

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    84 Mezhyhirskoho Spasu str., c. Vyshhorod, Kyiv reg., 07300, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 451-68-99, (04596) 2-24-80, 2-24-81
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Chairman of the Board – Evhen I. Moshkovsky

Main spheres of business of "Precision Abrasives":
- development and introduction of both engineering and technologies in the field of production of abrasives,
- production of the consumer goods and common technical purpose with use of the developed abrasives, powders, pastes and tools,
- development of the recipes, production processes and use of abrasive powders, pastes and organization of their production.

The Company was established in 1991 on the base of a team of specialists from the Institute of Material Science and the Institute of Superhard Materials of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, those who were engaged previously in development of production techniques for diamond powders, cubic boron nitride (CBN) and high-melting compounds (carbides, borides, siticides, etc.).
At present, the majority of specialized plants of Ukraine and CIS-countries use the processing techniques developed by the specialists of the Company.
The specialists of the Company mostly carried out their works in a complex form. They didn't limit themselves by development of powder techniques for dispersed materials production, but also performed the search of the optimal fields for such techniques application. If necessary, the specialists introduced the required modifications into techniques of starting material synthesis, thus obtaining the whole spectrum of powders with required properties for definite fields of their application.
At present, the personnel of the Company includes one professor, doctor of engineering sciences, 4 candidates of engineering and chemical sciences, 8 industrial engineers for the industries the Company deals with, 12 technicians with specialization required by the Company and workers of different specialties in total 55 employees work in the Company on contract terms.
The Company is located in historical center of Kyevan Rus, at the bank of Dnieper river, in Vyshgorod town.
The industrial capacities of the Company allow to organize the production of diamond powders in a scope of 30 millions carats per year and production of diamond instruments in a scope of 200 thousand carats per year.
Along with the diamond powders production, the industrial facilities of the Company, as well as scientific and industrial experience of its specialists, allow to organize the production of powdered superhard materials on the base of cubic and wurtzite boron nitride, as well as of other non-traditional abrasive powders of different high-melting compounds (titanium boride, chromium boride, complex titanium-chromium boride and others) with a scope of powders production reaching 20 tons per year (see a prospectus).
The level of Company's scientific and production developments in the field of different powders classification, grinding and processing, as well as the level of Company's products are confirmed by 5 patents and 100 inventor's certificates of USSR, which are granted to the members of Company staff.
The results of production and scientific investigations were presented at many scientific symposiums (in USA, Finland, Hungary and Bulgaria). The results of completed projects were presented more then once at various international exhibitions (in Moscow, Dusseldorf, Chicago, Berlin, Prague, etc.). The exhibits dealing with precision abrasives were highly appreciated by the exhibition judges in Brno (Czehia): they were awarded by the medal and the 1st degree diploma. Following the results of their investigations, the specialists of the Company have published more then 200 papers in the field under consideration.
The Company exports its production to the USA, Northern Ireland, Japan, Russia, Israel, France, Belorussia and Germany, which is also the evidence of high quality of the goods produced by the Company.
The promising future trends of Company's scientific, production and streamlined manufacture activities shall be dictated by the market demands, the experience of Company's specialists and its production facilities and shall be aimed at enhanced procession of the goods produced by the Company. Among them, the production of powdered high-melting compounds for their further application as various wear-resistant coating materials may be mentioned first of all.
The members of the Company's staff have some experience in this field and have already obtained some positive results. Implementation of the cladded powders production for the same application purposes is also possible.
The Company's production facilities and the experience of its specialists allow to organize the production of precision abrasive instruments on the base of powders produced by the Company. If necessary, organization of the natural diamonds and semi-precious stones processing for the purposes of jewelry industry is also possible. In this case, the diamond powders produced by the Company will be used in procession techniques.
The Company is also mastered in development and usage of adhesively active metal alloys for cutting and abrasive instruments from diamond and boron nitride. One of our Company's employees is a specialist (candidate of engineering sciences) with high theoretical and practical experience of work with adhesively active metal alloys and superhard materials on the base of diamond and borazone (representative of a well-known scientific school of acad. Yu.V.Naydych).
The Company has all necessary moulding and vacuum equipment and relevant fittings for implementation of technologies including the usage of adhesively active metal alloys and binders.
The key advantage of the vacuum technology is the possibility to bind the superhard (covalent) compounds of diamond particles and borazone with a metal matrix. Just the strength of heterophase material interfaces allows to withstand considerable dynamic loads, thus increasing the instrument durability.
At present we may suggest the following ready technologies for sale or co-operation in production:
1. Metallization of diamond and borazone polycrystals for their further brazing with metal holder and making of cutting instruments.
2. Direct vacuum brazing of small sized cutting instruments from diamond and borazone.
3. Coating of simple and shape profiled metal blanks with diamond and borazone powders of any graininess and its adhesively strong binding.
4. Production of the diamond containing components with adhesively. active binders for the stone working instruments of various standard sizes using the method of vacuum sintering.
5. Production of the diamond correcting pencils.
6. Production of the diamond pearls for rope saw.
7. Production of the diamond cutting wheels and chuck plates on adhesively active binders with diameters of up to 185 mm.

Proceeding from interests of the market, the issue and other kinds of production can be organized, where the precision micropowders can be involved in production.
The scientific and industrial contacts of the Company allow to use the benefits of co-operation in its production activity, which makes it possible to extend the scope and assortment of the goods produced. Thus. e.g., the Company had for a long time the fruitful relations with Donetsk plant of chemicals, where the wide range of potential starting materials is produced.
There are well-established relations with the major material science centers of Ukraine, and CIS-countries. For example, there are good relations with the Institute of Structural Microkinetics of Russian Academy of Sciences - a development center of high-temperature self-spreading synthesis techniques for different elementary and composite high-melting compounds.
Thus the scientific and production potential of our Company allows to organize in short terms the highly efficient activity at the world market of powdered superhard materials and dispersed high-melting compounds.

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