• Address:
    10/14 Radishcheva str., c. Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 451-87-38
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The firm "АBAKA" is based in 1993.
For today the firm "АBAKA" is the service centre on Ukraine of the conducting world manufacturer of digital systems of communication. Our partners - Concern " Telrad Networks " (Israel), and also such known firms as "LG Electronics" (Southern Korea), "Inter-M" (Southern Korea), "Karel Electronics Corporation" (Canada).
The main direction of activity of firm is a decision of questions in sphere of telecommunication systems with the help of the complex decisions and introduction of the newest technologies:
- ISDN Departmental and office digital telephone stations.
- Systems of the notification of any capacity.
- Systems of a conference up to 961 participants.
- Delivery of works "on a turn-key basis".
- Floppy system of payment.
- The minimal terms of delivery and installation.
- Guarantee (till 2 years) and service after ending a warranty period - till 15 years.
- Free-of-charge training of technicians of the Customer.
- Technical support on a "hot" line.