Informational Business Systems and Telecommunications (IBS)

  • Address:
    5a Narodnoho Opolchennya str., c. Kyiv, 03151, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 246-22-59, 246-23-81, 246-23-82
General Manager - Yuriy V. Pomazkov

The main directions of IBS in the sphere of computer business:
- sales of products and decisions of IBM directly to customers and through business partners;
- development and application of complex automatisation projects of enterprises and organisations of different calibres;
- rendering of consulting the development of the decision which would completely meet customer's demands;
- choice of the most suitable financial scheme;
- project support and maintenance;
- equipment supply and tuning according to the previously adopted specification;
- training of technical as well as administrative personnel;
- warranty and after-warranty service;
- services and consulting for all IBM products;

The main directions of IBS in the sphere of telecommunication services (AGNS network) are:
- corporate database networks design and management (including Global VPN) for TCP/IP, SNA and multiprotocol surroundings;
- distant network access;
- integration of voice communication into data channel and videoconference services;
- firewall services;
- Internet access services (including Internet Content Services and Internet Roaming);
- message exchange (including e-mail and interaction with X.400 networks);
- data electronic exchange services (EDI);
- remote computing services (including Enterprise Virtual Processing Services);
- data services (including access to more than 200 databases);