Vita Ukraine, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    28 Torfyana str., c. Baryshevka, Kyiv reg., 07500, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 258-02-73, 258-05-55, (04576) 5-26-42
General Director - Omer Sachakly Оglu

Field of activity - manufacturing and realization of flour confectionery production.

"Vita Ukraine" Ltd. is one of the newest and intensively developing manufacturers of flour confectionery products in Ukraine. The factory began serial manufacturing in September 2000 and at the moment the assortment of made production totals 24 items, among which:
- Sugar biscuits with vanilla and chocolate stuffing,
- Vanilla and chocolate cookies,
- Cookies and wafer with a strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, orange and banana stuffing,
- Cracker with bran.

All production is manufacturing in weighed out and in the packed kind from the domestic highest quality raw materials and ingredients on the modern import equipment with the help of up-to-date technology. Both manufacturing process and production itself are certified in the State standard systems of Ukraine and Russia.

The "Shik-shock" trademark, under which the production advances on the market, has occupied a worthy place among other confectionery products and has won wide popularity both in Ukraine and abroad for the short period.

The company plans to extend the assortment up to more then 50 different traditional and low-calorie dietary products during 2002.

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