Eastern-Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dal'

  • Address:
    59, Ranyansky ave, c. Severodonetsk, Lugansk reg., 93400, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06452) 2-78-05, 4-03-42
  • Web-site:
Rector - Olexandr L. Holubenko, Dr. Of Technical Sciences, Honored Man of Sciences and Machinery

Eatsern-Ukrainian National University - is the center of education, science and culture in the East of Ukraine, of the IV (highest) level of accreditation.
20 thousand of students study at 20 faculties, 107 specialties.
For 80 years of its existence, the Institute trained more than 100 000 of specialists, 1200 out of them for foreign countries.

650 Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, 43 Academicians and Corresponding Members of different Academies of Sciences work here.

In 2001 on the VII International Open Rating of Popularity and Quality "Golden Fortune", the University was awarded with Silver Diploma and Steela in the nomination "Quality of the Third Millenium"

The Institute carries out the explorations in:
- Flexible resource-saving technology to produce parts of irregular shape on automated-control machines.
- Coal moisture meter of VAU-1 type.
- Distance relays;
- Car wheels balancing bench.
- Technology to produce high-strength irregular shape articles by powder metallurgy method.
- Automobile eddy-current probe.
- Portable magnetic defectoscope.
- Analogous saturable core magnetometer.
- Digital device for temperature measurements.
- Non-contact electronic speed-indicator.
- Electronic information protection for PC’s.
- Vector-power assembly.
- Alternative power sources.
- Heat-generator.