Krolevets Bakery Integrated Plant, Subsidiary of Khleb Ukrainy, Government-Run Holding Company

  • Address:
    10 Andriyivska str., c. Krolevets, Sumy reg., 41300, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05453) 5-24-74, 5-28-06, (067) 540-64-15
  • Web-site:   
Krolevets Bakery Integrated Plant is one of the biggest grain-remaking enterprises in Ukraine. It is a leader on the highest quality flour market.
We produce the millet flour, granulated bran, the mixture of different crops and we offer you such services as: acceptance, drying, cleaning, storage and unloading the grain.

The integrated bakery comprises:
- mill with the capacity of 500 tons of grain processing per 24 hours;
- grain-elevators for 54 tons of grain;
- mixed fodder producing 250 tons of fodder per 24 hours.