RIM 2000, Company

  • Address:
    zh/m Topolya-1, 12, Jincharadze per., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49040, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0562) 36-03-00
  • Web-site:
"RIM 2000" - the biggest computer trading company and the leading system integrator in Central Ukraine

Sphere of business:
- distribution and supplies of products by INTEL, SEAGATE, QUANTUM, IBM, FUJIYSU, PHILIPS, ACORP, NORTEL, APC, licensed PЗ MICROSOFT, NOVELL, INFORMIX;
- system integration - development and sales of network and communication solutions of any complexity;
- production of PATRIOT, PCs of the new generation, meeting the advanced standards of the computer industry;
- production of PATRIOT servers, meeting all the modern requirements as to productivity, reliability, user friendliness;
- maintenance of the equipment supplied in the authorised service center