Motor, Lutsk Repair Plant, State Enterprise of Defence Ministry of Ukraine

  • Address:
    3 Kiveretska st., c. Lutsk, Volyn reg., 43006, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0332) 77-00-62, 77-73-33
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Director - V. Marakulin

State Enterprise of Defence Ministry of Ukraine Lutsk Repair Plant "Motor" is the leading enterprise of Ukraine and former USSR specializing in repairing aircraft turbojet engines of the third and fourth generations.

Currently, we accomplish the following kinds of work:
- major repair of AL-21F-3 aircraft engines and all component aggregates. The engines are installed in Su-17, Su-20, Su-22, Su-24 aircrafts.
- major repair of AL-31F aircraft engines, remote aggregates boxes and all the component parts. The engines and remote aggregates boxes are installed in Su-27, Su-30 aircrafts.
- warranty and after-warranty service of repair equipment.
- theoretical and practical training of specialists in the field of major repair of aircraft engines and all component aggregates on client's enterprise as well as on the basis of Lutsk repair plant "Motor".

The most advanced technologies of repair and refurbishment of aircraft equipment components and assemblies have been mastered and introduced on the enterprise.

The high quality of aviation equipment repair, its reliability in after-repair operation, moderate prices are achieved due to the highly skilled personnel, unique production capacity and equipment, many years' experience in repair. Everything above mentioned as well as strict execution of the contract provides high competitive ability of the enterprise that results in successful many years' cooperation with domestic and foreign partners.

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