SPETSTECHSKLO, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    20, Shmidta str., c. Kostyantynivka, Donetsk reg., 85104, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(050) 578-78-44, (06272) 2-13-24, 2-25-48
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Chairman of the Board - V. Polyvyany

The company produces glazing for cockpits of domestic airplanes and helicopters. The glazing represents a multilayer composition of high-performance glass, conductive and sticking together films. The heating system functioning in two or three modes, eliminates glaze ice of an external glass layer due to modern conductive films and a reliable scheme of regulation.

Technology of strengthening, the technological methods used for manufacture of aircraft glazing, allow to extend fields of application of modern glazing, in particular, to produce glass with improved strength properties for protection of offices, banks, show-windows having properties of transparent armour.

The industrial and testing base of the company enable to keep up to date with the progress in the sphere of glazing for aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, surface transport for various purposes, multilayer crashproof armoured glass.

We have mastered batch production of glasses for airplanes: MIG-15, MIG-17, MIG-19, MIG-21, MIG-23, MIG-27 AN-2, AN-8, AN-12, AN-22, AN-24, AN-26, AN-28, AN-30, AN-32, AN-72, AN-74, AN-140, TU-104, TU-114. TU-134, TU-154, SU-17, SU-25, SU-25B, YAK-28,YAK-40, YAK-42; helicopters: MI-6, MI-8, MI-10, MI-17, MI-24.

The designer solutions and technology of manufacture of glazing for aircraft are applied for production of glazing for tanks, deck-houses of sea and river floating ships, locomotive cabs and other types of transport.

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