Dnipropetrovsk electrical and mechanical plant LLC

  • Address:
    Sergiya Nigoyana ave, 62, c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49064, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(056) 375-78-39, (067) 562-38-86
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Dnipropetrovsk electrical and mechanical plant LLC is a young and successful enterprise interested in developing and searching new market outlets for own products and services. For the moment, Dnipropetrovsk electrical and mechanical plant LLC is focused on producing part series of a vast range of materials (carbon, stainless, heat resistant, nonferrous steels and cast iron) with specified strict requirements for surface precision and roughness. Moreover, it organizes and modifies manufacturing electrical products.

The enterprise produces continuous automatic cab signalling equipment (locomotive sending coils of types PT-22124-00-00, PE-1362-00-00, KPU -1, vigilance levers RB-80), magnetic particle nondestructive test equipment (flaw detectors of series MD-12P, MD-13PR, MD-17P, MD-14 PKM), as well as a wide range of other product types for rail transport and metro systems. In 2014 we mastered production of components for diesel locomotive bogies: 2TE116, 2TE10, TEP70, M62, TEM2, TEM7, TEM18, TGM4, TGM6, VL80, OPE-1, OPE-1AM .