Arian, Process Oil Plant, Limited Liability Company

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    3, Vasylya Kuchera str., c. Kyiv, 03148, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 273-41-57, 273-41-58, 276-16-45
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Director - Eduard G. Rudyk

"Arian" Plant for making process oils was constructed in 1993 in Ukrainian town Fastov. Their field is development, testing and production of pilot-scale and full- scale lots of process oils, additives and other petroleum-and-chemical products for industrial and technical purposes.

Process Oil Plant "Arian" is up-to-date production with a flexible module arrangement. That allows re-adjusting the equipment for production of other new types of the oil within the short period of time (during one shift actually). Design capacity of the Plant is 50 thou ton of oils per year.

Owing to the implementation into production the results of investigations carried out continuously at their own Scientific-and-Research Center with the attraction of the leading specialists from "MASMA", Bioorganic Chemistry and Petroleum Chemistry Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Science as well as with such West European Companies as Adibis, Shevrone, etc. the production of more than 200 names of high guilty oils of different fields of application was set up.

Eleven separate production lines can produce oils according to 60STs of former USSR, new types of oil under their own trademark ARIANtm as well as wide choice of oils based the orders. The production is out with use of the national production equipment. Product is filled in small containers (1-, 5- and 30 liter fuel cans specially designed) in the automatic line made by famous American company ELF. Technical parameters of oil are controlled by the Central Laboratory of the Plant, for each oil lot quality certificate is given.

- aircraft oil;
- motor oil;
- washing oil;
- transmission oil;
- industrial oil;
- turbine oil;
- hydraulic oil;
- compressor oil;
- coolant;
- vacuum oil;
- heat carrying oil;
- electric-insulating oil;
- preservative oil;
- braking fluid;
- lubricating fluid.

"Arian" Plant's products are well-known already in every region of Ukraine. Their regular consumers are Metallurgical Plants, Machine-Building and Turbine Plant, power Plants, enterprises of processing, light and food industry, transport facilities and agricultural sector.

Process Oil Plant "Arian" is a regular participant of annual special Exhibitions SIA ("International Autosalon"), "Filling Station Complex", "Gas Pump Station", "Service and everything for a Car", "Auto-Tech-Service", "Agro-Service". They were awarders with a lot of different Diplomas.

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