DINTEM, Ukrainian State Research, Design-Technological Institute of Elastomer Materials and Products

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    24a, B. Krotov St., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49033, Ukraine
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    +38(056) 763-10-26, (0562) 763-10-16
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Director - Michael S. Khorolsky, Candidate of Technical Sciences, State Laureate

- is the main Ukrainian enterprise dealing with the making of the new elastomer materials, constructions of mechanical rubber products (MRP) and adjusting devices for them, technologies of manufacturing the products made of elastomers and is the basic organisation providing MRP manufacturing with metrological support.
- Since 1966 "Dintem" is the complex of research and design-technological subdivisions with the testing base and experimental and industrial production fitted up with the unique equipment. We settle all issues concerning the making of mechanical rubber products (rubber, reinforced products) and materials for them.
We co-operate with a lot of Ukrainian enterprises and companies from CIS countries as well as with the research, design and technological, and academic institutes.
Products of the institute are exhibited constantly in the International fairs and exhibitions that take place in Ukraine, Russia, Germany and are remarkable for excellence and reliability.

URDTI "Dintem" works out, creates and produces:

ELASTOMER MATERIALS with specific properties ensuring operation of products on their basis with temperatures range from a minus 60 up to 250°C and pressures range from 0,13 mkPa to 100 MPa in various mediums as well as in contact with the products of a petroleum origin and food etc.

Mechanical rubber products (MRP) can be waterswelling, wearproof, conducting, insulating, shock absorbing, sealing,dark and colour with the sizes range from 2 to 3000 mm to satisfy the needs of national economy as well as:
- collars, glands, rings, membranes, corrugated covers etc.,
- rubber reinforced and power (elastic insert of wheels and shock-absorber of the coupling of tram's traction engine T-3, KTM-5, supporting parts of the bridge structures, bearing backings of the circulating pumps, stern bushing), etc.
- elastic supporting hinges.
- non-mould compressore of various configuration and purpose,
- shock absorber of radial and axial compression
- products made of rubber on the basis of syloxane rubber compressors,
- condensers of vacuum systems,
- elastic sieves designed for fractional division of solid and granular materials (coke, macadam and etc.),
- compressors of universal and die preventers of blowout equipment, packers, pneumatic compensators and other equipment of oil and gas complex;
- compressors designed for hermetic sealing of joints of tunnel lining elements of subways made of reinforced concrete and cast iron;
- rubber and polyurethane coating of shafts, rollers and bands of the equipment (paper and cardboard producing equipment, airlifts, escalators, etc.);
- lining of scrubbers for thermal power stations, pumps for transmission of liquids with abrasive mediums, elements of technical equipment of the concentrating mills, etc.;
- balls "Goalball" and "Rollingball" designed for the unable sportsmen;
- other products designed for special purpose and etc.

Designed for:
-adhesion of cured rubber with metal, glass, concrete, wood, and rubber by means of cold application (88H, 88CA, HT-150 types etc.);
- adhesion of cured rubber between each other and rubber-fabric materials with the following curing (C-425 type, etc.);
- adhesion of fluoroplastic materials, foam plastic, polyvinyl chloride between each other,etc. (polyurethane glue);
- producing of the rubber-metal articles.

- designed for sealing the car's body, windows, units and devises in the construction industry etc.

for the movable (alternating and rotary motion) and fixed joints, and joints of periodical action.

of producing the elastomer materials and products on the basis thereof.

on elastomer materials and products on the basis thereof, and technology of its manufacturing;
- methods of testing the rubbers, mechanical rubber products and compressor with the mechanical rubber products in close to the real conditions of operation.

- portable digital thermometers for measuring the temperature of granular,liquid, soft and solid materials;
- small-size temperature regulators;
- length counter of the flat, long length materials;
- devices designed for measuring the cord tension during the mechanical rubber products manufacturing;
- rubber hardness tester ;
- thermostat with abjustable air exchange for the thermostatting of the various materials and products;
- portable vulcanizers for repairing the mechanical rubber products of the large dimentsons;
- sensors and systems to keep the level of the granular materials under control;
- standard samples of properties' list and exterior of elastomer materials and products on the basis thereof.

- press-moulds and technological equipment for collars, glands, rings, laying etc. up to 400 mm in diameter;
- the fixture and springs for glands up to 400 mm in diameter;
- profiling spacers for output of non-mould MRP of various sections;
- stamping of articles made of a sheet with the thickness range from 0,5 to 3 mm (spacers, collars, boxes, brackets etc.);
- plastic components V up to 30 cubic cm.

URDU "Dintem" puts into practice:
- structural, physical and mechanical tests of rubbers, identification and decoding of composition thereof;
- the making of the new technological equipment as well as improvement of the existing ones;
- certification tests of MRP with the issue of the certificates;
- certification of MRP production ;
- accreditation of the works laboratories;
preservation terms of the operational properties of MRP in various mediums and at a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

We invite interested people to creat mutually beneficial partnership.

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