Association for Business Cooperation

  • Address:
    16, Artema str., c. Mirnograd, Krasnoarmiysk distr., Donetsk reg., 85320, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0623) 62-00-07, 62-00-08, 65-11-15
General Director - Vitaliy L. Klyuchka

Business Cooperation Association is a multiprofile integration of businesses cretaed in 1997 with its aim to unite the attempts of enterprises to succees in resolving production and social tasks.
It comprises "Dimitrov Repairing and Engineering Works" CJSC, "Dimitrov Conveyer Making Works" and other leading companies of the region.

Sphere of business:
- production of machines and mining equipment;
- trade of combustive-lubricating materials (there is a network of gas filling stations, fuel base);
- production, trade and processing of farm products;
- trade of foodstuff