Crimean Humanitarian University Republican Higher Educational Establishment

  • Address:
    2 Sevastopolska St., c. Yalta, Autonomous Republic of Crimea , 98635, Ukraine
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    +38(0654) 32-30-13
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Rector - Oleksandr V. Gluzman, Dr. of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

By the decision of a Government of Ukraine from September 10, 1998, № 1411 in Yalta on the basis of the Yalta Pedagogical college and Evpatorian branch of the Simferopol Pedagogical school, which were liquidated, and the Crimean State Humanitarian Institute was created.
In historical aspect the Yalta Pedagogical school was one of the oldest (1944) educational pedagogical establishments of the Crimea .
For years of its activity there have received special pedagogical education over 11 thousand teachers, tutors, many of them became the famous figures of education, sciences and cultures.

During 1993-1998 on the basis of the Yalta Pedagogical school there was a large-scale experiment of preparation of the experts of new generation. Results of experiment, approved by Ministry of education, educational plans and programs, recognized author's both recommended in a seal and use in practice of educational pedagogical establishments II level of accreditation.

In 1994 the institute by results of accreditation was received the status of pedagogical college.

During all historical ways constant there was in activity of an educational institution a spirit of liberty, humanitarian orientation, and progressive traditions.
Nowadays the Crimean State Humanitarian institute incorporates 5 faculties: faculty of preschool and initial education, social - humanitarian faculty, faculty aesthetic education, Evpatorian pedagogical faculty, faculty of preparation; 11 cathedres, library with educational and scientific literature over 100 thousand books. The training of specialists will be carried out (after granting the appropriate licenses) by 12 specialities:
- "Preschool education",
- "Initial training",
- "Musical pedagogies and education",
- "Practical psychology",
- "Social pedagogics",
- "The Ukrainian language and literature",
- "The English language and foreign literature",
- "Art",
- "History",
- "Management of tourism",
- "Design",
- "Public relations",
- "Applied cybernetics".

The quota of the students is almost 1500 persons, including the day-time form of training 1000, and correspondence-form more than 400 persons.
The institute has the high skilled scientific - pedagogical collective which provides the quality of education, and also performance at a modern level of scientific researches on humanitarian sciences.

The Crimean state humanitarian institute works in a complex with National pedagogical university, takes part in development and realization of the scientific programs of the Academy of Ukraine, Russian Academy of education, international projects.

The institute together with children's establishments, comprehensive schools, grammar school and schools - boarding schools of Large Yalta has created education-methodical complexes with uniform coordination council.

The institute regularly spend together with regional departments of education scientific - practical seminars for the administrative board and teachers of schools, including for the teachers of village schools.

The license for the edition of a new unique magazine "Humanitarian sciences" is received. The similar magazine in Ukraine and even in the countries of CIS is not present. First number is already typed and is handed over in publishing house "a Pedagogical seal". Licensed and registered in ВАК a year-book "Problems of modern pedagogical education". A series: pedagogics and psychology. In the present year the second release is already given. The license for the newspaper of institute "Humanitarium" and on the edition of all typographical production at our centre of operative graphic arts industry is received. After three quarters this year is given of the scientific, scientific - methodical and methodical literature of total amount 249 items leaves.

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