Chortkiv State Forestry of Ternopillis, State Forestry Association

  • Address:
    42 Shevchenka str., c. Chortkiv, Ternopil reg., 48500, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03552) 2-17-53, 2-23-73, 2-25-97, 2-34-72
Director - Mykhaylo P. Kilchytsky

The main spheres of business:
- full range of forestry activities on forest growing;
- industrial stocking of wood and its transportation to warehouses;
- processing timber to consumer goods and products for industrial purposes;
- sales of wood and its products;
- sideline use of wood (stocking of food medical raw materials and partial growing of agricultural products).

Chortkiv State Forestry produces the following types of products:
1. Products of forestry activity:
- planting stock for decorative purposes;
- medical arw materials;
- stocking wild growing fruits and berries;
2. Products of lumber activity:
- lumber of deciduous and coniferous trees;
- edged and edge-unsurfaced lumber;
- draft furniture and parquet half-finished products