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Kyiv Business Lyceum

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    30-32, Lagerna str., c. Kyiv, 03113, Ukraine
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Principal of the Lyceum Parashchenko Luidmila Ivanivna, Master's degree of Business Administering (MBA).

Kyiv Business Lyceum as the First Step to Business Education

1991 the year of foundation, founders Shevchenkivska municipal administration of Kyiv City, Institute of Economics and Law KROK. 250 students of 8-11 forms study at the Lyceum. Modern material and technical base has been created (three computer classes, trainer and sport gym, etc.). Highly qualified personnel provides the quality of teaching process, including 12 PhD teachers, 21 teachers of the supreme category, 10 honored teachers of national education of Ukraine.

Kyiv business Lyceum is an innovation establishment of general education that provides initial managerial training for senior students. The Lyceum is the first unit of unbroken business education system Lyceum-Institute KROK.
One of preconditions of Business Lyceum formation was absence for today the initial managerial training system in sphere of economics, finances and law. This situation is made conditional upon the fact that mentioned spheres are being under the process of formation (or decentralization and principal reconstruction) in Ukraine.
Higher educational institutions prepare specialists with subject knowledge. However in practice they are not able to be guided in a situation to estimate risks and to make a decision. It means that educational gap between employers requirements and graduates capabilities is still available. Graduates have special knowledge and dont have practical skills. Their personal business qualities are not sufficient. Education of a businessman, who is able to organize his own business, is necessary to start at school.
The purpose of lyceums activity is search, selection and training of the pupils capable to management and business.
During 10 years of business lyceums activity the special teaching technology, directed on preparing of senior students to managerial and administrative activity, was developed and tested. Initial managerial training provides for senior students development of organizing and managerial abilities, formation of base skills and administrative activity. The modern manager is considered as a person who meaningfully takes a position of the leader and is ready to actions under conditions of the uncertain future.
The training program in the lyceum consists of subjects and courses incorporated into such blocks: universal cultural, antropotechnical, managerial.
Universal cultural block as the basis of formation of intelligent and broad-minded person consists of subjects of an invariant part of the state teaching plan.. The antropotechnical block is the basis for formation of businessman personal qualities and includes: psychology, image of the businessman, physical training - fitness, bases of actor's skill, a choreography. The managerial block provides mastering by professionally focused knowledge and formation of management practical skills and consists from:
- foreign languages, modern information technologies;
- basis of economic knowledge, businesses and management, business - training;
- sets of intellectual, sports and imitating training games in sphere of economics, law,
finance, politics.
The organization of teaching and educational process is based on creation of training situations which decision demands use of managerial skills and enables mastering by them; demands of students constant occupying and changing of administrative positions organizer?executor, uses interactive technologies of education.
The technology of managerial preparing is system of the target works organized in an imitating mode with the purpose of development of the basic concepts, circuits and principles of managerial activity. Feature of an education method - use of the game form, a method of projects and practical preparing, or training in operation.
Different types of educational games are developed and used in the lyceum, in particular:
- imitating games - participation in them creates an opportunity direct mastering of scheme of a concrete kind of activity (for example, management by enterprise, bank, work of the exchange broker, etc.) and playing out of these schemes with other participants of game imitation (obtain of game experience and simultaneous check of correctness of the constructed schemes and concepts).
-problem games as against imitating ones have a problem in the basis for solution of which there is no ready scheme. And the ways of its overcoming designed by organizers, essentially can be changed while development of game (active participants have their own, sometimes opposite ideas and views on a problem).

The practical preparation - summer business - training of students provides an occupation by them a real functional position. A place of practical preparation are the banks, firms, insurance companies and advertising agencies. At this stage the participants and the organizers of business games should check up, which skills and techniques are really comprehended, and which require the further development
Peculiarity of the initial managerial training system, developed in the Lyceum, is equipping further management not by ready-made (by the made out knowledge of any subjects), and methodology (approach) and techniques of constructing necessary knowledge in practical situations. The main techniques are: the analysis, design, conceptual design, reflective analysis and managerial skills, among which important the skills are to accumulate and to transfer experience and skill to see basic structure of activity (managerial, financial, economic, etc.).
Our approach focuses the student (who occupies the place of the one, who " works being trained ") to the analysis of a situation and understanding of his own position, to rating of a risk and designing ideas, to readiness to make decisions and realize the responsibility for them.
Requirement for formation special managerial skills, abilities and techniques is an occupation of managerial position by the student. That is why students become organizers of game events on the district, city and all round Ukraine level.
During 1999-2001 in lyceum there were organized:
- Together with UN Representative in Ukraine 2 All round Ukraine games Model of UN in Ukraine
- Together with Kyiv City Authorities: city games From Magdeburg law to Municipal self-government and Stock exchange.
- Together with American educational corporation Junior Achievement in Ukraine: city imitation game Economy and managerial modeling (MESE).
- Together with Humanitarian Technologies Agency: All Round Ukraine school of youth leaders Ukraines Integration into the world economy.
Professional direction of educational lyceums program causes the special organizing of the management system of innovation enterprise. Educational activity of the lyceum is provided by co-organization of work of three departments: Administrative Department, Department State Standard, and Department of Initial Management Training. In the content of the departments there are 7 centers (project-analytical, information-technical supplying, playing and games techniques, design, testing students achievements, psychophysical training), 5 chairs (humanitarian sciences, foreign languages, mathematics and information science, natural sciences, image), psychological and medical service, departments of work with the entrants and organizing practical training of the students.